MEDIA ALERT: The International OCD Foundation Gathers Resources for the OCD and Related Disorders Community during the COVID-19 Outbreak

In response to the outbreak of  COVID-19, The International OCD Foundation has worked closely with public health experts and mental health professionals to gather resources to support those with OCD, professionals treating someone with OCD, and family members. To view listed resources for the COVID-19 Outbreak, please visit

“This has been an uncertain and anxiety-provoking time for all of us. But for those affected by OCD — especially those with contamination fears (fear of catching a disease from touching a doorknob, for example) — it can cause a major setback and cause extreme distress. It is vital that the OCD and related disorders community has access to resources to answer any questions they might have. The IOCDF is here to support those in need during this difficult time.” says Jeff Szymanski, PhD, clinical psychologist and executive director of the International OCD Foundation.

In addition to the resource page, the IOCDF will also be hosting a special Town Hall about OCD and the coronavirus Live on their Facebook Page and Youtube Channel on March 14th at 2pm ET. The video will be available for viewing  after the event for those who are unable to watch the live stream on our Youtube Channel and Facebook Pages

The IOCDF  has been closely monitoring the latest news regarding coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and following updates from the World Health Organization (WHO). Public health experts around the world have urged individuals and organizations to take action to prevent and limit the transmission of this disease in their communities. 

About the IOCDF

The International OCD Foundation is an international donor-supported non-profit organization that was founded in 1986 by a small group of individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The Foundation serves a broad community of individuals with OCD and related disorders, their family members and loved ones, and mental health professionals and researchers around the world. We have affiliates in 27 states and territories in the US, in addition to global partnerships with other OCD organizations and mental health non-profits around the world. 

The mission of the International OCD Foundation is to help those affected by obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders to live full and productive lives. Our aim is to increase access to effective treatment through research and training, foster a hopeful and supportive community for those affected by OCD and the professionals who treat them, and fight stigma surrounding mental health issues.


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