The BDD Special Interest Group is dedicated to advancing knowledge and disseminating information about body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) to professionals, people with BDD and their family members, and the public. BDD is a common and often-severe disorder that is often underrecognized and inadequately treated despite the availability of effective treatment (cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication).

SIG Leadership:

Katharine Phillips, MD
Fugen Neziroglu PhD
Carrie Asselin, BA
Chris Trondsen, MS, AMFT, APCC, Lead Advocate
Denis Asselin, MA, BA


  • Creation of a BDD section of the IOCDF website that provides information about many aspects of BDD. The BDD SIG periodically updates this information.
  • Writing and posting blogs about BDD on the IOCDF website.
  • Being interviewed about BDD at the annual meeting; the interviews are posted on the IOCDF website.
  • Doing a one-day training for professionals on BDD at the IOCDF’s BTTI (Drs. Neziroglu, Wilhelm, and Phillips)
  • Doing a live-streamed Town Hall on BDD (Chris Tronsden interviewed Drs. Phillips, Neziroglu, and Wilhelm)


  • Continue to update information about BDD on the IOCDF website.
  • Continue to write and post blogs about BDD on the IOCDF website.
  • Provide additional training on BDD through the BTTI.
  • Hold additional BDD-focused town halls.
  • Consider developing a BDD awareness month.

Want to Join the BDD SIG?

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