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We’re so excited that you’re participating in the IOCDF’s #OnlineOCDCon!  We want to help you make the most of your experience and share it wide and far! This best practices guide for social media will help you maximize your experience and successfully share it on social! 

1. Use the hashtag!

Make sure you’re using #OnlineOCDCon to share your content! By using this hashtag, you're diving into a virtual space where individuals with OCD and related disorders, their loved ones, mental health professionals, and researchers come together. Share your insights, experiences, and questions, and discover a supportive network that's just a click away. Let's make the most of this digital gathering and make our voices heard while raising awareness about OCD. Join the conversation with #OnlineOCDCon!

2.  Share behind-the-scenes content

The beauty of #OnlineOCDCon is that it can be accessed anywhere and we want to see where you’re joining from! Sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your #OnlineOCDCon setup is a great way to engage and be a part of the conversation.

3.  Avoid screenshotting discussion groups

Please don’t take screenshots of your discussion groups! Participants do not opt-in to being photographed and we will not reshare photos that include a screenshot of your discussion group.

4.  Tag @IOCDF and @OCDSoCal

Make sure you’re tagging us in your content!  We’ll be on the lookout for #OnlineOCDCon Content and by tagging us you increase your chances of being featured on our socials!  

5.  Engage in the conversation!

Engage with others who are using the #OnlineOCDCon hashtag.Respond to their posts, ask questions, and show your support.By engaging with the community, you’re ensuring you’re getting the most out of your #OnlineOCDCon experience!

5 Prompts for Sharing Your Experience:

  1. This event is all about community. Share how you’re connecting with the OCD Community through #OnlineOCDCon.
  2. We’re excited to hear about your experiences during the #OnlineOCDCon. Share a personal story or a valuable insight gained from one of the sessions. 
  3. At the #OnlineOCDCon, we’re a community that understands one another. Share a moment when you felt a deep connection or support from fellow attendees. 
  4. #OnlineOCDCon is more than just a weekend, how will you continue the momentum from #OnlineOCDCon beyond this weekend?
  5. Let’s break the stigma together!  Share your experience of discussing OCD openly with friends or family after attending the #OnlineOCDCon.

*Please note that while we encourage sharing of #OnlineOCDCon experiences using the hashtag, we cannot guarantee that all content will be shared on our official social media channels.


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