Winter 2002 – Vol 16, Num 1

IN THIS ISSUE: Samuel Johnson: A Patron Saint of OCD? by Fred Penzel, PhD A Little One-on-One: Jenike Reviews Schwartz’ OC I Think It Moved: The Understanding and Treatment of Obsessional Doubt Related to Sexual Orientation and Relationship Substantiation (Part 1) by Steven J. Phillipson, PhD Bio-Behavioral Institute: In the Forefront of Treating OCD: Interview… Read more »

Spring 2002 – Vol 16, Num 2

IN THIS ISSUE: Managing Sexual Side Effects by Michael A. Jenike, MD Anxiety Treatment Center of Northern California Has All the Challenges of Home: An Interview with Dr. Paul Munford How do I know this is the one for me? Or is this Mr. Right nor Mr. Right-Now? (Part 2) by Steven J. Phillipson, PhD… Read more »

Late Spring 2002 – Vol 16, Num 3

IN THIS ISSUE: Hoarding – A Successful Compulsion by James Claiborn, PhD How to Use the ADA When You Have OCD? by Sharon Lewis, JD and Patricia Perkins, JD Research Digest The Keys to Readiness for Treatment by Aureen Pinto Wagner, PhD Medication Induced Weight Gain: What Can You Do? by Michael A Jenike, MD… Read more »

Summer 2002 – Vol 16, Num 4

IN THIS ISSUE: Someone I Care About Is Not Dealing With His OCD: What Can I Do About It? by Heidi J. Pollard, RD, MSN, and C. Alec Pollard, PhD An Interview with the Staff at the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Institute at McLean Hospital Using the ADA When You Have OCD by Sharon Lewi, JD… Read more »

Fall 2002 – Vol 16, Num 5

IN THIS ISSUE: How Do I Know If My Therapist Can Treat OCD? by Lisa Jo Bertman, PhD Affiliates and Support Group Activities How to Use the ADA When You Have OCD? by Sharon Lewis, JD, and Patricia Perkins, JD Research Digest: Medication Chicago School of Medicine Has Developed Outpatient and Intensive Treatment Programs: Interview… Read more »

Early Winter 2002 – Vol 16, Num 6

IN THIS ISSUE: Funding Research: One of Our Most Important Missions When Reassurance is Harmful by Paul R Munford, PhD Augmentation Strategies For Difficult to Treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by Jacob C. Holzer, MD and Michael A. Jenike, MD OCD, ERP & Me: One Person’s Struggles and Improvement by Robert J. Penella My Children Have… Read more »