Spring 2018 – Vol 32, Num 1

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION Letter from the IOCDF Board President by Susan Boaz Expanding on the IOCDF’s Work Through Grant Funding by Elijah Peterson 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk FROM THE FRONT LINES Artistic Liberation from OCD by Sam Foster OCD is Like Playing Baseball: Learn How to Play to Win by… Read more »

Winter 2017 – Vol 31, Num 4

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION Letter From the Executive Director: Expanding the IOCDF Research Grant Program by Jeff Szymanski, PhD Are You Interested In Presenting at the the Annual OCD Conference? by Stephanie Cogen, MPH, MSW Excerpts from Reddit AMA with IOCDF Executive Director, Dr. Jeff Szymanski FROM THE FRONT LINES No Room to… Read more »

Summer 2017 – Vol 31, Num 2

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION Passing the Torch: The New IOCDF Ambassador Program by Ethan Smith Letter from the Executive Director 24th Annual OCD Conference Highlights FROM THE FRONT LINES OCD: Trapped in Compulsive Modes, Wrapped within Unwanted Thoughts and Fearsome Images by Marsha Beede Afraid of My Shadow by Wendy O’Brien Top Seven… Read more »

Winter 2016 – Vol 30, Num 4

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION The Past and Future of Brain Circuit-Based Therapies for OCD by Darin D. Dougherty, MD & Benjamin D. Greenberg, MD, PhD Letter from the Executive Director 2017 OCD Conference Request for Proposals by Stephanie Cogen Donor Profile: A Family Affair, Denise & Joelle’s Story by Eric Steinert Membership Corner:… Read more »

Winter 2015 – Vol 29, Num 4

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION Donor Profile: Minal Mahtani – Raising Awareness and Funds in Hong Kong by Jeff Smith IOCDF Research Grant Fund Appeal: Ramping Up Research Funding with a Challenge That Could Double Your Gift! by Jeff Smith Call for Proposal: 23rd Annual OCD Conference – Chicago 2016 by Marissa Keegan Membership… Read more »

Fall 2014 – Vol 28, Num 3

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION Taking a Giant Step Towards Greater Visibility by Jeffrey Smith Donor Profile: Lisa Cormier by Jeffrey Smith How to Start A Support Group (continued from cover) by Jeff Szymanski, PhD An Overview of the NEW! IOCDF Membership Opportunities by Tiia Groden, MA FROM THE FRONT LINES I Won an… Read more »

Spring 2013 – Vol 27, Num 2

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION IOCDF Online: News from the Web What’s new at the 20th Annual OCD Conference in Atlanta? IOCDF Conference News & Updates 1 Million+ Steps 4 OCD Awareness Walk (continued from front page) Donor Profile: A Sister’s Journey FROM THE FRONT LINES Parents Need Support, Too by Barbara Claypole White… Read more »

Summer 2013 – Vol 27, Num 3

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION IOCDF Updates: Our New Look Letter from the President Pediatric Campaign for Hope Help Us Celebrate OCD Awareness Week 2013 FROM THE FRONT LINES Confession #681 by Corey Harrilal Dear Support Group by Rebecca Felser THERAPY COMMUNITY Treatment of OCD with Comorbid Eating Disorders by Rachel C. Leonard, PhD,… Read more »

Winter 2009 – Vol 23, Num 1

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION OCF 16th Annual Conference: A Call for Presentations FROM THE FRONT LINES A Proposal of Cooperative Therapy, by Jared Kant My Victory over OCD, by Rick Lozano Paralyzed, by Larry Bolger Book Review: The Thing Inside My Head by Jois Chaber, Reviewed by S. Evelyn Stewart, MD Book Review:… Read more »

Spring 2009 – Vol 23, Num 2

IN THIS ISSUE: FROM THE FOUNDATION Newsletter Contest Announcement FROM THE FRONT LINES Dancing Queens, by Mary Lou Shields Picturing You, by Margaret Eckman Gamma Knife Surgery for Treatment-Resistant OCD, by Gerry Radano YOUTH CORNER Life Will Be OK, by Kathleen Dunn Inside the Mind of a Phobic, by Brennan THERAPY COMMUNITY Family Guidelines: Living… Read more »