Anxiety Solutions of Northern New England, PLLC

Intensive Treatment Program
Director: Lee A. Fitzgibbons, PhD
Contact Name: Gordon P. Street, PhD
P.O. Box 70
Raymond, Maine 04071

We have been offering our intensive outpatient program for OCD since we formed Anxiety Solutions of New England, in March of 2004. Lee Fitzgibbons, PhD, Anxiety Solutions’ Clinical Director, specializes in behavioral and cognitive treatments of anxiety disorders (including Exposure and Response Prevention [ERP] for OCD) in adults, adolescents, and children. Gordon Street, PhD, Anxiety Solutions’ Business Director, specializes in behavioral and cognitive therapies for anxiety disorders as well as in family therapy.

For those who live nearby, we often provide follow-up treatment in person for as long as needed. We also offer and recommend attendance of our free Anxiety Support Group. Of note, we do have access to short-term rentals of two furnished apartments (one 1-bedroom and one 2-bedroom) in the same building as and directly above the treatment offices. This means patients (and their family members) can have unusually convenient access to their therapists for an outpatient intensive program, and Drs. Fitzgibbons and Street can also easily provide pseudo-home visits. Since ours is a small operation, we are very flexible regarding access and availability. Our patients tell us they do not feel like “patients” and don’t worry about being lost in the shuffle.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic: