Psychological Care & Healing (PCH) OCD Intensive Treatment Program

Intensive Treatment Program, Residential Program
Director: Christopher Mulligan, LCSW
Contact Name: Kelly Wu
11965 Venice Blvd. Suite 202
Los Angeles, California 90066

The OCD and Anxiety Clinic at PCH offers a holistic and intensive model of treatment for OCD and related disorders. Our treatment combines evidence-based specialty care (E/RP/ACT/CBT) with supportive housing directed by a multidisciplinary team with expertise in all areas of mental health.
Our program designs treatment to meet the unique strengths and challenges of clients and their families. At PCH, clients are partners in the treatment process. Clients assume an active role in treatment, starting when they first arrive, and continue in collaborative role though the conclusion of their journey, with the aim of developing the psychological skills needed to pursue a meaningful and vibrant life.

The OCD and Anxiety Clinic is for clients who 1) struggle with a severity level of OCD not suited for outpatient treatment 2) have tried multiple treatment programs without improvement 3) have a co-occurring mental health condition (depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, chronic pain syndrome) and/or 4) are seeking a treatment environment away from home.

The OCD and Anxiety Clinic offers four hours of treatment per day: one hour of individual therapy with licensed clinician, one hour of group OCD therapy, and two hours of exposure therapy (supported by exposure coaches).

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

PCH OCD program clients who struggle with co-occurring conditions are provided with a wide range of individual and group therapy options. After the four hours of OCD focused treatment is concluded each day, clients participate in an additional four hours of treatment. Treatment options include, neurofeedback, mindfulness training, mentalization-based therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, depression and anxiety management groups, ACT training groups, and artistic creative expression groups. PCH offers a unique opportunity for clients to experience a variety of modalities that allow for individualized care and healing.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic:

  • Christine Hanna, LCSW
  • Zachary Wheeler, PsyD
  • Sanam Abrishami, PhD
  • Allison Stepka, LMFT
  • Sara Slayden, LMFT
  • Jessie Real, ASW