Twin Cities CBT Center (St. Paul)

Intensive Treatment Program, Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Amanda Holly, Ph.D.
Contact Name: Margaret Mullaghy
370 Selby Avenue
Suite 314
St. Paul, Minnesota 55102
Phone: 612-389-0499

The Twin Cities CBT Center is a private practice with a laser focus on doing therapy that works. The treatments we utilize have been shown to be most effective in reducing symptoms and improving quality of life among individuals with anxiety, OCD, mood and related disorders. The following approaches are used in a complementary, fluid manner consistent with the therapist-client treatment plan and goals: exposure and response prevention (ERP), Cognitive Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), habit reversal training, mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, Behavioral Activation, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP).

Diversity Statement:

We spend dedicated time reading about our role as therapists to address cultural stereotyping, implicit bias and blanket prejudice within ourselves and our clients. We aim to stay educated by including culturally sensitive journal clubs as part of our center’s curriculum. And, as always, we will continue to expand our awareness by LISTENING, noticing, observing, asking questions, getting uncomfortable, and acting with intention like we ask our patient’s to do everyday.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic:

  • Mary Benson, PsyD
  • Jess Holly, MSW, LICSW
  • Maureen Rivord, MSW, LICSW