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2021 Online OCD Conference Session Surveys

Day of ConferenceSession Name
WeekendFull Conference Evaluation
FridaySo, You’re a New ERP Therapist…
FridayCreative Treatment Augmentation in Private Practice
FridayWhy Would I Take This Risk? Helping Sufferers to Find the Motivation and Courage to Do ERP
FridaySelf-Compassion: The Secret Weapon in Your OCD Treatment You Never Knew You Needed
FridayManaging BDD in an Appearance Obsessed World
FridayCarrying On Without Keeping Calm: Preventing Coping from Becoming Avoidance
FridayDo You Know Your OCD? Believe Me, it Knows You!
FridayWhat To Do When Obsessions Overlap With Genuine Interests
FridayCommunity Discussion Group for Mental Health Professionals with OCD
FridayGeneral OCD Community Discussion Group
FridayOCD Psychiatrists 101
FridayAll In Due Time: Personal Retrospectives on Treatment Response
FridayThe ABC’s of OCD Medication Management: A Patient’s Guide to Medication Basics
FridayLiving ACT beyond OCD: Acceptance and Commitment skills to get unstuck from OCD
FridayObstacles to the Treatment of OCD and BDD
FridayIndecision: An OCD Trap... or is it?
FridayCombating Shame Around Taboo Intrusive Thoughts: What if You're Not Alone?
FridayThe Journey To Recovery: Navigating Life with OCD
FridayBDD Discussion Group
FridayMonthly Mayhem: OCD, PMDD & Premenstrual Exacerbation Community Support Group
FridayI See Color Community Discussion Group
FridayFinding Your Treatment Focus: Using Functional Assessment to Target ERPs
FridayWe’re Only Human: Common Therapist Missteps in ERP and How to Correct Them
FridayImaginal Exposures 101
FridayThe Tea on DBT (and how it can sweeten ERP)
FridaySpecialized Treatments for Complex OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder: An International Perspective
FridayOCD & Procrastination
FridaySelf-Compassion and the OCD Shame Trap
FridayAdvocacy Keynote: An Inside Perspective Into the World of OCD Advocacy
FridayAll Inclusive Women's Community Discussion Group
FridayMonthly Mayhem: OCD, PMDD & Premenstrual Exacerbation Community Support Group
FridayMan Up! Virtual Edition: Men’s Community Discussion Group
FridayWhat To Do When Traditional Outpatient Therapy Isn't Enough: Navigating Next Steps
FridayAre Acronyms Our Stuck Points? Dispelling Myths of ACT and ERP
FridayResponse Prevention Strategies
FridayDon't Believe Everything you Think! Shifting Perspectives on Intrusive Thoughts in OCD and Anxiety
FridayTreatment of OCD and BDD in Athletes: Tips for Athletes, Their Parents, and Their Therapists
FridayThriving in All Relationships with OCD
FridayParents of Adult Children w/ OCD
FridayYoung Adults Orientation and Community Discussion Group
FridayNavigating the Uncertainty of Parenting Kids with OCD During Uncertain Times
FridayDo's and Don'ts: Strategies to Help Your Kids with OCD - A Community Discussion Group
FridayPANS/PANDAS Community Discussion Group
SaturdayKeynote: Maiym Bialik
SaturdayOlder? Yes; Wiser? You Be the Judge: Ten Observations Gained in a Near-Century of OCD Specialization
SaturdayNew Research Findings on the Role of Sleep in OCD and Related Disorders
SaturdayThe Growing Role of Peer Support in OCD Recovery
SaturdayBuilding a More Diverse and Inclusive OCD Community!
SaturdayFamily Accommodation in OCD
SaturdayLiving with a Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior: A Candid Discussion
SaturdayAm I Crazy or Just on the Way?
SaturdayWho am I: Life Outside of OCD Treatment
SaturdayOCD Perfectionism Community Discussion Group
SaturdayOlfactory Reference Syndrome Community Discussion Group
SaturdayCan We Do This From Home? Running an IOP During COVID-19
SaturdayWhen Fears and Trauma Meet: Real Situations of Grief Complicated by a Pre-Existing OCD Diagnosis
SaturdayMistakes, Failures and Interminable Cases: Lessons Learned in the Real World
SaturdayDiversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Providing Effective Treatment for All
SaturdayFrequently Asked Questions About OCD in Children and Teens
SaturdayAsk the Experts - Q&A on Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors
SaturdayDon't Try Harder, Try Different: A (Humorous) Stress Management Approach to OCD
SaturdayA Survival Guide For Navigating School While Having OCD!
SaturdayRelationship OCD Community Discussion Group
SaturdaySilver Linings - Taking an OCD Support Group Online
SaturdayTherapist Burnout: Prevention and Recovery
SaturdayBioethical Considerations of Emerging Medical Interventions for OCD
SaturdayHelping Clients with Religious Scrupulosity Engage Treatment
SaturdayBarriers and Bias: Cultural Competence in the Treatment of OCD
SaturdayBuilding Support for Parents of Adult Children with OCD
SaturdayBFRB Research Update
SaturdayGrieving OCD
SaturdayOCD in the Workplace: From Interview to Promotion
SaturdayOnline Support for Parents of Kids with OCD
SaturdayWearing Two Hats: Being a Therapist and Parent to a Child with OCD
SaturdayCommunity Discussion Group for Those With Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) and OCD
Saturday#PickingMe over Skin Picking: A Community Discussion Group
SaturdayThe Perfectionistic Therapist: Helping Others with Courage, Flexibility and Compassion
SaturdayDon’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole! Unanswerable Questions and the Quest for Certainty
SaturdayRace, Culture, and OCD - A Path Towards More Integrated Treatment
SaturdayCaring For the Caregiver
SaturdayAn Integrative Behavioral Approach for the Treatment of Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors
SaturdayOne of the Most Daring Exposures…Being a Mom
SaturdayLife After OCD Community Discussion Group
SaturdayFlexible in the Face of Uncertainty: Finding Your Way through OCD as a Young Adult
SundayAvoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder: Perspectives on Phenomenology and Treatment
SundayUnderstanding and Treating Emetophobia
SundayMindfulness for OCD: Integrating Theory, Research and Practice
SundayHelp! My Family Member with OCD Won't Get Treatment!
SundayOCD Staring (AKA Ocular Tourettic OCD - OTO)
SundayERP for Folks with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): The Basics
SundayWe’re All Major Leaguers: A Pack of Baseball Cards, OCD, and the Common Denominator of Fear
SundayTwo Totally Immoral and Unscrupulous Therapists talk to you about Moral Scrupulosity
SundayEmotional Contamination Discussion Group
SundaySexual Orientation-OCD Community Discussion Group
SundaySexual Orientation OCD in Non-LGBTQ+ Friendly Communities: A Discussion Group
SundayOCD and Depression: The Seesaw Effect. When Depression Complicates OCD Treatment
SundayExperiential Acceptance and Stimulus Engagement (EASE) for Misophonia: A Psychological Model and Treatment
SundayOCD and Self Harm
SundayWalking the Tightrope: Parenting Your Child Through OCD
Sunday7 Shifts for Beating Religious Scrupulosity
SundayNavigating OCD in the World of 12 Step SUD Recovery
SundayLegislative Advocacy - How to Move Your Representatives and Effect Change
SundaySTILL Not Sleeping? A Missing Link for Those Who Already KNOW What to Do
SundayMoral Scrupulosity Community Discussion Group
SundayCo-Morbid Eating Disorder and OCD Discussion Group
SundayADHD & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD, BDD, Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, Hoarding)
SundayTreating Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) with CBT: What Clinicians Should Know
SundayWorrying vs. Obsessing: Is There a Difference?
SundayThe Launch: Supporting Young Adults with OCD as They Transition to Independence
SundayThinking the Unthinkable: Living with Stigma and Shame-filled Obsessions
SundayPeas in a Pod: Considerations for Treatment of OCD and Eating Disorders
SundayWhat You Didn't Expect When You're Expecting: Coping with Perinatal OCD
SundayOvercoming Religious Scrupulosity Community Discussion Group
SundayResponsibility OCD Community Discussion Group
SundayExpanding and Improving OCD treatment for Autistics through Patient-Therapist/ ASD-NT Collaboration
SundayOCD in Youth: Understanding Distress Intolerance as Key to Successful Treatment
SundayDiving Deeper: Embracing Transtheoretical Perspectives in the Application of ERP for OCD
SundayMarried...with Children...and OCD
SundayWhen OCD Wins the Lottery: Coping When Your Worst Fears Come True
SundayThe Chicken, the Egg, or both? Differential Case Conceptualization Between OCD and PTSD
SundayLiving with the Enemy: Perfectionistic Self-Criticism and the Struggle to be Good Enough
SundaySpecial Interest Group: Navigating OCD & Faith
SundayIntellectualization as an Avoidance Behavior in OCD: Community Discussion
SundayScrupulosity OCD Group for Christians
FridayOCD in Scrubs
FridayLiving With BDD Sufferers