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Session Name & LinkStart Date/TimeTrack
Pre-Conference Preparation: Motivating Yourself to Take the "Risk" of ERP7/6/23 18:00Activities
Solo Attendee Meet-Up: Break the Ice!7/6/23 18:00Activities
The Courage Zone: A fun approach for kids and families to practice embracing uncertainty7/6/23 18:00Elementary Schoolers
Opening Support Group for High Schoolers with OCD7/6/23 18:00High Schoolers
Fun, Friends, Finding Ways to Kick OCD7/6/23 18:00Middle Schoolers
Am I the Only One Struggling This Much?: Support Group for Parents of Children with OCD7/6/23 18:00Support Group
Girl Interrupted: A Support Group for Female Identifying Individuals with OCD7/6/23 18:00Support Group
I See Color Support Group7/6/23 18:00Support Group
Man Up: Real Men Talk about their Feelings (an Interactive Support Group for Men with OCD)7/6/23 18:00Support Group
My Teen Has OCD: A Support Group for Parents7/6/23 18:00Support Group
Religious Scrupulosity Support Group7/6/23 18:00Support Group
Support Group for Adults with Health Anxiety7/6/23 18:00Support Group
Support Group for Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Variant People with OCD7/6/23 18:00Support Group
Quirky Karaoke!7/6/23 20:00Activities
Welcoming Ice Breakers Hosted by the Conference Title Sponsor Neurobehavioral Institute7/6/23 20:00Activities
Fighting OCD with Art!7/6/23 20:00Elementary Schoolers
All Emotions Are Welcome Here: Creating Your Own Emotion Hotel7/6/23 20:00Middle Schoolers
Contamination OCD: Support Group7/6/23 20:00Support Group
LGBTQ+ OCD Intersectional Support Group7/6/23 20:00Support Group
Living with a Romantic Partner with OCD7/6/23 20:00Support Group
Social Anxiety Welcome and Support Group7/6/23 20:00Support Group
Support Group for Mental Health Professionals with OCD7/6/23 20:00Support Group
Support Group for Parents of Adult Children with OCD7/6/23 20:00Support Group
Support Group for Sexual and/or Violent Obsessions7/6/23 20:00Support Group
The Mother of All Support Groups7/6/23 20:00Support Group
The Over The Hill Gang: Seniors Taking A Stance7/6/23 20:00Support Group
Young Adult Orientation and Support Group7/6/23 20:00Support Group
Morning Stretch Group!7/7/23 7:00Activities
Fact vs Fiction: Some Key Things to Know about BDD7/7/23 8:00Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
Elementary Schoolers and Families Orientation7/7/23 8:00Elementary Schoolers
Bioethical Considerations of Emerging Medical Interventions for OCD7/7/23 8:00Emerging Trends: New Directions
“My last therapist told me to ‘just accept it’”: Building Acceptance Skills with ACT7/7/23 8:00Everyone
Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD: An Overview and Research Update for Consumers and Families7/7/23 8:00Everyone
High Schoolers and Families Orientation7/7/23 8:00High Schoolers
Fairytale Endings: Where the Happy Couple can Exist Amidst OCD7/7/23 8:00Living with OCD
Middle Schoolers and Families Orientation7/7/23 8:00Middle Schoolers
Parent Guide: How to Support Your Child in OCD Treatment7/7/23 8:00Parents & Families
Getting Cleared for Takeoff: OCD Treatment Essentials 1017/7/23 8:00Therapist
How to Implement ACT-Based Exposure Therapy7/7/23 8:00Therapist
Friends Who Fight Together Stay Together: Insight into Healthy Friendships within the OCD Community7/7/23 8:00Young Adults
Evidence-Based Treatments for Body Dysmorphic Disorder7/7/23 9:45Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
Pokémon Trainers Unite: developing skills to battle OCD7/7/23 9:45Elementary Schoolers
Professional Ethics, Responsibility, & Humility in Evidence-Based Treatment for OCD7/7/23 9:45Emerging Trends: New Directions
Am I Doing This Right?: Parenting With OCD7/7/23 9:45Everyone
Current Landscapes in Treating Youth with OCD7/7/23 9:45Everyone
What's Exposure Therapy all about? Is it for me and how would I know?7/7/23 9:45High Schoolers
Compassionate Separation from Mental Compulsions7/7/23 9:45Living with OCD
Battling the Monster: A Creative Play about Mastering OCD7/7/23 9:45Middle Schoolers
The Two Ogres: The Relationship Between Therapist, Parent, and Child7/7/23 9:45Parents & Families
"The Whole Client and Nothing But The Whole Client!" Not Stopping OCD Treatment Prematurely7/7/23 9:45Therapist
Evidence based Psychopharmacological treatment for OCD and OCRDs7/7/23 9:45Therapist
The Birds and The Bees and OCD7/7/23 9:45Young Adults
Hot Topics: Recent Research Findings on BDD7/7/23 12:30Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
Facing Your Fears: Fun and Creative Ways for Children To Engage In ERP7/7/23 12:30Elementary Schoolers
OCRD Genomics Across Diverse Ancestries7/7/23 12:30Emerging Trends: New Directions
Supporting Yourself through ERP7/7/23 12:30Everyone
Yucky, Ooey, Gross, and Gooey: The Role of Disgust in OCD7/7/23 12:30Everyone
Thinking, Feeling, and Doing: How to Be a Triple Threat Against OCD7/7/23 12:30High Schoolers
Recognizing When OCD is the Manager at Work7/7/23 12:30Living with OCD
ERP 101+Live Exposures7/7/23 12:30Middle Schoolers
What Drives Family Accommodation and What to do about it: Across the Lifespan7/7/23 12:30Parents & Families
Case Presentations: OCD Treatment For Diverse Populations From a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lens7/7/23 12:30Therapist
Facilitating Effective Response Prevention Strategies in OCD Treatment7/7/23 12:30Therapist
A New School Bully7/7/23 12:30Young Adults
Advanced Treatment Application: BDD Case Presentations and Discussion7/7/23 14:15Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
“You’ve Got Dragons” Interactive play and story time to get to know your dragons and tame them7/7/23 14:15Elementary Schoolers
OCD in Owls and Larks: Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, and OCD Symptoms During Treatment7/7/23 14:15Emerging Trends: New Directions
Ask Your Questions About Medications for OCD and Related Disorders To Some of U.S.'s Leading Experts7/7/23 14:15Everyone
Perinatal OCD Afflicts Fathers Too - Recognizing the Signs Across the Board to Reduce the Stigma7/7/23 14:15Everyone
Mr. Potato Head and OCD?: Exploring the Many Disguises of OCD7/7/23 14:15High Schoolers
Living Beyond Shame: ACT and Compassion-Focused Strategies to Enhance ERP7/7/23 14:15Living with OCD
Urge Surfing and Riding the Wave7/7/23 14:15Middle Schoolers
OCD: The sibling side of the story7/7/23 14:15Parents & Families
I Am On Your Side! (Not OCD’s): A Multicultural Strategy to Decrease Parental Accommodation7/7/23 14:15Therapist
Taboo Symptoms in Pediatric OCD7/7/23 14:15Therapist
Beyond Treatment - Finding yourself during your OCD recovery journey7/7/23 14:15Young Adults
“An Evening with the Experts” - Panel BDD Discussion and Audience Q&A7/7/23 16:00Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
Pass Go and Collect $200!7/7/23 16:00Elementary Schoolers
From Isolated to Empowered: The Realities of Physical and Emotional Contamination OCD7/7/23 16:00Everyone
LGBTQ+ Representation in OCD Treatment7/7/23 16:00Everyone
Living a Life Worth Living: Identifying Values and Values-Oriented Goals in the Context of OCD7/7/23 16:00High Schoolers
Hoarding Disorder: What We Know and Where We'll Go7/7/23 16:00Hoarding Disorder
Finding Your Own Ah Ha Moment! How To Unlock it and Accelerate Your Road to Recovery From OCD7/7/23 16:00Living with OCD
Truth or Dare: OCD Edition7/7/23 16:00Middle Schoolers
Parent Roadmap: Changing Your Drive-Time Response to Your Child’s OCD with Supporting Statements7/7/23 16:00Parents & Families
Professional Plenary: OCD & Racism7/7/23 16:00Plenary
Dealing With Those Pesky Feelings of Shame7/7/23 16:00Young Adults
CBT Workshop for BDD7/7/23 18:00Activities
Conference Planning for First-Time Attendees - From Now to After!7/7/23 18:00Activities
DIY Values Keychain7/7/23 18:00Activities
ERPoetry7/7/23 18:00Activities
Let's Go On A Speck Hunt7/7/23 18:00Elementary Schoolers
Hope Within the Chaos of My Mind: An Art Collage Experience for Teens with OCD7/7/23 18:00High Schoolers
Who is Driving Your Bus?: An InterACTive Passengers on a Bus Experience7/7/23 18:00Middle Schoolers
"In It for the Long-Haul": A Support Group for Families Navigating OCD7/7/23 18:00Support Group
"Is It Really My Fault?": Support Group Shame and Guilt7/7/23 18:00Support Group
12 Step Meeting7/7/23 18:00Support Group
Benching OCD Together: Athlete Support Group7/7/23 18:00Support Group
BIPOC Community Support Group7/7/23 18:00Support Group
Relationship OCD Support Group7/7/23 18:00Support Group
Support Group for Recognizing OCD as Neurodivergence7/7/23 18:00Support Group
Support Group: Grieving the Losses Connected to OCD7/7/23 18:00Support Group
Discussion Group for Therapists on Treating OCD with Autistic Clients7/7/23 20:00Activities
Friday Night Game Night7/7/23 20:00Activities
The 21st Annual Road to Recovery Tour7/7/23 20:00Activities
BDD Support Group7/7/23 20:00Support Group
Group Session for Graduate Students Interested in Pursuing a Specialty in OCD7/7/23 20:00Support Group
Hoarding Disorder Support Group7/7/23 20:00Support Group
Living with BDD: Caring for sufferers while caring for yourself7/7/23 20:00Support Group
Living with Bipolar Disorder and OCD support group7/7/23 20:00Support Group
Moral Scrupulosity Support Group7/7/23 20:00Support Group
Support Group for Parents of Youth with PANS/PANDAS7/7/23 20:00Support Group
Support Group: Siblings!7/7/23 20:00Support Group
Tainted Love: A Support Group for Dating with OCD7/7/23 20:00Support Group
Tonight's for Us - Peer Support for People Whose Loved Ones Have Too Much Stuff7/7/23 20:00Support Group
When You Have Too Much On Your Plate: The Co-occurrence of OCD and Feeding and Eating Disorders7/7/23 20:00Support Group
28th Annual OCD Conference Group Run/Walk7/8/23 7:00Activities
Story Time: Traveling Rose7/8/23 8:00Elementary Schoolers
OCRDs and Technology: State of the research to clinical practice7/8/23 8:00Emerging Trends: New Directions
A Rheumatology Perspective on Abrupt-Onset Neurobehavioral Presentations7/8/23 8:00Everyone
Scripting for Success7/8/23 8:00Everyone
Spinning the Wheel on OCD: An Interactive ERP Group for Teens7/8/23 8:00High Schoolers
Hoarding Disorder in a Wider Context7/8/23 8:00Hoarding Disorder
Finding Your People in Recovery and Beyond: Navigating Relationships with OCD7/8/23 8:00Living with OCD
Welcome to My World7/8/23 8:00Middle Schoolers
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - Heroic Moms Doing the Hard Work to Maintain Healthy Boundaries7/8/23 8:00Parents & Families
Helpful Tips for Clinicians in Navigating Complex OCD from Differential Diagnosis to Maintenance7/8/23 8:00Therapist
Introduction to Behavioral Interventions for Tic Disorders7/8/23 8:00Therapist
Justice-Based ERP and Fidelity to the Model: Two Sides of the Same Coin?7/8/23 8:00Therapist
How to S.T.E.P.-Up When Accommodations Go Down7/8/23 9:45Elementary Schoolers
Misophonia: A Panel Covering Scientific and Clinical Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment7/8/23 9:45Emerging Trends: New Directions
In My Shoes: Highlighting the Realities of the BIPOC and Cultural Road to Recovery7/8/23 9:45Everyone
Knowing When to Move On if Treatment Isn't Working7/8/23 9:45Everyone
Building and Bonding with your Family when OCD is Present7/8/23 9:45High Schoolers
Hoarding Disorder Research Updates: Early Life Stress, Insight, and Neural Mechanisms7/8/23 9:45Hoarding Disorder
Reduce Anxiety Through Exercise, Sleep, Diet, Mindfulness, and other Stress Relieving Measures!7/8/23 9:45Living with OCD
Opening Up: Strategies for Middle Schoolers with OCD to Communicate Effectively with Their Families7/8/23 9:45Middle Schoolers
The Family Trap: What to Do When a Loved One Won't Seek Help7/8/23 9:45Parents & Families
Clearing the Air: Eating Disorders and OCD7/8/23 9:45Therapist
To MI, or not to MI: When to Coach ERP-resistant Clients Out of Treatment7/8/23 9:45Therapist
You, Me, and Relationship OCD: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Intimacy with rOCD7/8/23 9:45Therapist
Mindfulness Arts & Crafts7/8/23 12:30Elementary Schoolers
Imagination or Perception: Real Experiences with Inference Based CBT7/8/23 12:30Emerging Trends: New Directions
That Pisses Me Off! How To Navigate Misinformation in the Media7/8/23 12:30Everyone
Three Therapist Talking Taboo: Pedophile OCD7/8/23 12:30Everyone
Dealing With The Haters (and the people who do want to help): What I Wish People Knew About OCD7/8/23 12:30High Schoolers
The Hidden Stigma of Hoarding7/8/23 12:30Hoarding Disorder
When Therapy Ends: Support and Self-Management of ERP7/8/23 12:30Living with OCD
How to make a PB&J Sandwich and other flexibility tools for getting unstuck for Middle Schoolers!7/8/23 12:30Middle Schoolers
Helping Your Family Member With OCD Manage Anger and Disruptive Behavior7/8/23 12:30Parents & Families
Mixing modalities in OCD clinical settings: How ACT, DBT and trauma treatment are critical mixers7/8/23 12:30Therapist
Perinatal OCD: Expanding Your Clinical Practice7/8/23 12:30Therapist
Shining a Light on the Darkest of Thoughts7/8/23 12:30Therapist
Finding Power in Your Story7/8/23 14:15Elementary Schoolers
Psychedelics & OCD: Discussing the current state of psychedelic research as potential OCD treatments7/8/23 14:15Emerging Trends: New Directions
OCD/Autism SIG Roundtable: What Clinicians Should Know About Autistic People in OCD Treatment7/8/23 14:15Everyone
Rebranding Exposure and Response Prevention: The Poetic Blend of Evidence-Based Treatment for OCD7/8/23 14:15Everyone
Letting Go and Becoming Independent: Parallel Transitions for Parents and High Schoolers7/8/23 14:15High Schoolers
Using Group Programming for Community Hoarding Support7/8/23 14:15Hoarding Disorder
Accountability: The Missing Ingredient to Navigating Life and OCD7/8/23 14:15Living with OCD
Breaking the Silence: A Family and Youth Forum for Effective Communication in OCD7/8/23 14:15Middle Schoolers
Uninvited Guest- Navigating committed relationships when OCD is in the picture7/8/23 14:15Parents & Families
Double Trouble: Addressing OCD in the Context of Co-Occurring Posttraumatic Stress7/8/23 14:15Therapist
One Is Too Many and a Thousand is Never Enough: Obsessions, Compulsions, Alcohol and Drugs7/8/23 14:15Therapist
There's an Exposure For That!: Developing Creative and Effective Exposures7/8/23 14:15Therapist
Awards & Keynote Address • Maria Bamford Presents: “Not for Everyone”7/8/23 16:00Keynote
Superhero Therapy: Superheroes, Comicbook Characters, and Other Fictional Friends Can Help with OCD7/8/23 16:00Keynote Alternative
An Evening of LGBTQIA+ Community Fun!7/8/23 18:00Activities
Resisting the Urge to Hunt, Gather, and Take It Home7/8/23 18:00Activities
Start Spreading The News: Turn Your Passion Into Advocacy7/8/23 18:00Activities
Sticking With Our Values: Collage Board Activity7/8/23 18:00Activities
Workplace Self-Advocacy: Getting Reasonable Accommodation Without A Lawyer, Even From Bad Employers7/8/23 18:00Activities
Fighting Your OCD Monster!7/8/23 18:00Elementary Schoolers
Teen Game Night! OCD Quiplash, Drawful, and Family Feud7/8/23 18:00High Schoolers
The Chaos in My Mind: an Art Collage Experience for Adolescents with OCD7/8/23 18:00Middle Schoolers
Disclose or not to disclose: Should I let others know about my OCD?7/8/23 18:00Support Group
Sensory/Sensorimotor Obsessions Support Group7/8/23 18:00Support Group
Support Group For Autistics with OCD7/8/23 18:00Support Group
Support Group for Hoarding Professionals7/8/23 18:00Support Group
Supportive Space for OCD Community Members of Color7/8/23 18:00Support Group
Technology Rituals? You're Not Alone!7/8/23 18:00Support Group
Your Strength Matters: A Support Group for Parents of Young Adults with OCD7/8/23 18:00Support Group
Saturday Night Trivia7/8/23 20:00Activities
The OCD Healing Journey: Writing and Reflecting7/8/23 20:00Activities
Caring for Yourself When You're Caregiving for a Loved One with OCD7/8/23 20:00Support Group
Emotional Contamination Support Group7/8/23 20:00Support Group
Expecting and New Parents, Don't Suffer in Silence with Your OCD7/8/23 20:00Support Group
Let’s Talk About Relapse: How to Quickly Get Back on Your Feet When OCD Strikes!7/8/23 20:00Support Group
Life After Treatment: Embracing an Exposure-Based Lifestyle7/8/23 20:00Support Group
Support Group for OCD in the Workplace7/8/23 20:00Support Group
Support Group for Those with OCD and ADHD7/8/23 20:00Support Group
Thriving with BFRBs Support Group7/8/23 20:00Support Group
Elegant Simplicity with the Complexities of BFRBs: Current Research and Treatment7/9/23 8:00Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors
Disgusting! Let’s learn about feeling disgust in OCD7/9/23 8:00Elementary Schoolers
A Model of Self-Help Treatment within Stepped Care: A Pilot Study7/9/23 8:00Emerging Trends: New Directions
Disability, OCD, & Me: Intersections between Chronic Illness, Research Gaps, & Help Seeking Behavior7/9/23 8:00Everyone
Getting Rubbed the Wrong Way: The Complicated Relationship Between OCD & Sensory Dysregulation7/9/23 8:00Everyone
Rules for Me but not for Thee: Combatting Rigid Perfectionism in an Imperfect Way7/9/23 8:00Everyone
When Words Aren't Enough: Exploring Your OCD Experience Through Art7/9/23 8:00High Schoolers
Licking Toilets? Maybe Not: Incorporating Values into Exposures7/9/23 8:00Living with OCD
Drawing OCD To A Close - Using Art To Help You On Your OCD Journey7/9/23 8:00Middle Schoolers
Securing Your Oxygen Mask: Caring for Yourself While Parenting a Child with OCD & Related Disorders7/9/23 8:00Parents & Families
Do I Really Want to Hurt Myself? Exploring Suicidal OCD vs. True Suicidality7/9/23 8:00Therapist
Working With Scrupulous Individuals: A Forum for Case Consultation and Conversation7/9/23 8:00Therapist
Let’s Cut to the Chase: What I Need to Know About My BFRB, and What I Can Do About It. A Q&A Session7/9/23 9:45Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors
Life in the Driver’s Seat7/9/23 9:45Elementary Schoolers
When OCD and Trauma Intersect: Preliminary Findings from a National Study7/9/23 9:45Emerging Trends: New Directions
Legal Challenges Faced by People with OCD and How to Overcome Them7/9/23 9:45Everyone
More Than a Feeling: How to Think About and Treat Sensory/Sensorimotor OCD7/9/23 9:45Everyone
Navigating Treatment with OCD and an Anxiety Disorder7/9/23 9:45Everyone
Scripting Workshop for Teens: Using Scripts for Motivation and Exposure7/9/23 9:45High Schoolers
Making It Work As a Family When a Parent Has OCD7/9/23 9:45Living with OCD
Dungeons and Dragons Character Creation Workshop7/9/23 9:45Middle Schoolers
Effective Collaboration Strategies To Improve ERP Outcomes: Tips To Engage Parents and Schools7/9/23 9:45Parents & Families
Human First, Therapist Second: Authenticity as an OCD Therapist7/9/23 9:45Therapist
Paying More Attention to ADHD in OCD Treatment7/9/23 9:45Therapist
BFRBs: Treatment Issues, Outcomes, and Family Impacts7/9/23 11:30Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors
Goal Setting/ Wrap-Up7/9/23 11:30Elementary Schoolers
Autoimmune OCD: Can Infections Trigger Autoimmune OCD and How can This be Diagnosed and Treated?7/9/23 11:30Emerging Trends: New Directions
Cancel Culture and OCD7/9/23 11:30Everyone
Doing ERP When Getting Out of Bed is Daunting: Combining ERP with BA for Comorbid OCD and Depression7/9/23 11:30Everyone
Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself: The Important Role of Interoceptive Exposure in Treatment of OCD7/9/23 11:30Everyone
We are in this Together: Closing Support Group for High Schoolers with OCD7/9/23 11:30High Schoolers
Living Beyond Regret, Mistakes, and Poor Choices To Overcome Real-Event OCD7/9/23 11:30Living with OCD
Taking the Conference Home and Changing Your Future7/9/23 11:30Middle Schoolers
Parents Wrap-Up Session7/9/23 11:30Parents & Families
From Song Lyrics to Scavenger Hunts: Group-based Exposure Therapy for Children and Adolescents7/9/23 11:30Therapist
We’re Only Human: Therapist Missteps in Exposure and Response Prevention and How to Correct Them7/9/23 11:30Therapist