Faith & OCD Resource Center

Navigating OCD in the religious and spiritual context can often be difficult and overwhelming. However, faith, spirituality, and religious traditions matter – and they don’t have to be checked at the door in order to get effective treatment. In fact, their involvement is often a crucial component of success in learning how to live in freedom from OCD. Not only can an individual receive evidence-based treatment while upholding their faith/religious/spiritual traditions, but they can also integrate their treatment and traditions extensively. This resource center provides information and materials for navigating this unique landscape and offers tools for faith/spiritual leaders and mental health professionals to best support those impacted by OCD. 

We want to encourage you to explore the diverse resources available. Please continue to visit this resource center as more resources for specific religious traditions become available.

This Resource Center was developed by the Faith & OCD Task Force. Thank you to our many contributors and supporters who made this resource center possible, including: Farha Abbasi, MD; Valerie Andrews; Justin K. Hughes, MA, LPC; Lindsy Magee PhD; Patrick B. McGrath, PhD; Rev. Katie O’Dunne; Fr. Thomas Santa; Jedidiah Siev, PhD; Ted Witzig, Jr., PhD; Caitlin Claggett Woods, PhD, C.Psych.