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Faith & OCD Roundtables

Join Lead Advocate Rev. Katie O'Dunne for her next Faith & OCD Roundtable! She leads a discussion with faith leaders, clinicians, and individuals with OCD from various faith traditions on variety of topics focused on leaning into uncertainty while embracing your religious/spiritual values.

Videos & Lectures:

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Websites & Articles:

Educational Blogs:

  • OCD and Scrupulosity by ACCFS has a series of Christian focused articles, presentations and resources for those living with OCD and scrupulosity.
  • "The Jog" is a Christian blog series for those living with OCD and scrupulosity written by Justin K Hughes, MA, LPC
  • Scrupulous Anonymous is a Roman Catholic monthly newsletter and website primarily for individuals who live with OCD and scrupulosity. The newsletter and blog features articles and a section to answer questions submitted by readers.

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For Individuals with Scrupulosity:

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Religious-Specific Resources & Services:

  • Find an OCD Provider by visiting our resource directory to find an OCD provider in your area
  • Mann Mukti offers general mental health resources categorized by faith/religious affiliation
  • Khalil Center is a psychological and spiritual wellness center that provides counseling through an Islamic perspective.
  • The Blue Dove Foundation is a Jewish mental health and addiction organization
  • Managing Scrupulosity offers continuing education opportunities for clergy on how to work with those living with scrupulosity.
  • Faith & OCD Support Groups are free inclusive online support groups offered by the Faith & Mental Health Integrative Services
  • Faith & Mental Health Integrative Services works with individuals, clinicians, and faith leaders seeking to separate faith from OCD as well as reconnect with faith in a way that is value-driven

Get Plugged In:

  • Faith & OCD Special Interest Group: This group is designed specifically for individuals of ALL religious traditions to share their experiences with OCD, as well as ways this has impacted their connection to a faith community.
  • My OCD Community on HealthUnlocked is a safe, supportive, informative, and friendly community for all people affected by OCD.
  • OCD in Faith-Based Communities Survey: If you’re a member of the OCD and related disorders community, a faith/religious leader, or a clinician, we value your input on the ways anxiety impacts and is addressed in faith-based communities.