Leave a Legacy to the IOCDF

Did you know you can make a bequest in your will/living trust and more as your ultimate charitable gift to support the IOCDF? There is no immediate cost to you, you can change it at any time, and you will be making an incredible lasting impact on the IOCDF’s ability to serve the OCD and related disorder community well into the future.

A will or trust document provides a clear and specific understanding as to how you want to transfer your assets to loved ones and charitable organizations like the IOCDF. Making a bequest in your will or trust document to the IOCDF can have financial benefits for your loved ones, while also supporting our mission.

Sample language below and free resources like this tool from Free Will can help get you started on your legacy plans today. For more complicated estates, a financial advisor can help determine the best options for you.

Complete the Request for Information Form below to learn more and discuss your goals for leaving a legacy with IOCDF staff.

Planning on including the IOCDF in your legacy plans? Complete the Legacy Giving Declaration Form below to let us know and become a part of our Legacy Society.

Suggested language to leave a gift in your will or living trust (also known as a charitable bequest):

I give to the International OCD Foundation, Inc., currently located at PO Box 961029 Boston, MA 02196 _______________(insert specific dollar amount or percentage) in support of its full mission. Federal tax identification number: 22-2894564.

Here are some other common ways to support the IOCDF’s work far into the future by making it a beneficiary:

  • Checking, savings, or other financial accounts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Commercial annuities
  • IRA or other retirement plan
  • Non-cash gifts (securities such as stocks and bonds or property)

To get started, contact your bank, insurance company, or retirement account holder and request a beneficiary designation form. (For purposes of completing the form, our legal name is: International OCD Foundation, Inc., PO Box 961029 Boston, MA 02196. Tax identification number: 22-2894564).

For more information or to talk further about legacy giving, please contact Kristen Lynch, Senior Development Manager at klynch@iocdf.org.

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