The IOCDF Hero Award and the IOCDF Youth Hero Award Presented by UNSTUCK recognize individuals who go above and beyond in their efforts to advocate and raise awareness for OCD and related disorders.

This advocacy could include a series of activities and contributions to the OCD community or a significant one-time contribution in the past year, such as media involvement bringing special attention to OCD and related disorders, participation in an IOCDF Affiliate, contributions to the Annual OCD Conference, and other notable activities or contributions.

In addition to being announced on social media, the winners will be recognized in person at the 29th Annual OCD Conference in Orlando, FL.

Submit a nomination

Nominations for the IOCDF Hero Award and the IOCDF Youth Hero Award Presented by UNSTUCK are now open!
As a member of the OCD community, we invite you to nominate someone who has inspired you in their efforts. Nominations are anonymous. Please note that only non-professionals are eligible for the Hero Awards, and only individuals under the age of 18 are eligible for the Youth Hero Award.

Nomination Deadline:
Wednesday, May 1, 2024


Previous Hero Award winners

  • Kim Vincenty, for her personal advocacy and enduring passion through her charitable foundation, JACK Mental Health Advocacy, resulting in prolific and direct impact on those with OCD, their loved ones, and the professionals who treat them.
  • Kyle King, for starting an OCD support group in high school and, despite graduating, continued to run the group. Once in college at Yale University, Kyle interned at the Yale OCD Research Clinic and Biohaven and is deeply involved as an IOCDF Advocate.
  • Thomas Smalley for his involvement with OCD Connecticut, serving as a leader for the young adults at several Annual OCD Conferences, and speaking at schools in Connecticut and New York. In February 2018, Smalley gained media attention when he filed a complaint that the head basketball coach at Siena was verbally abusing him for having OCD; the coach later resigned.
  • Denis Asselin for his advocacy and awareness-raising for OCD and BDD, and his inspirational Walking with Nathaniel project, the inspiration for our 1 Million 4 OCD Steps Walk.
  • Alison Dotson for her advocacy as an author, on her website, and as president of the OCD Twin Cities affiliate.
  • Chrissie Hodges for her advocacy work as a certified peer support specialist, including being one of the first individuals to work with psychologists in office in order to integrate peer support on the professional level with OCD treatment.
  • Stuart Ralph for his work to spread awareness about OCD through his podcast, The OCD Stories.

Previous Youth Hero Award winners

  • Jayden Helberg, created a movie showcasing his life with OCD that was shared with his class, school, and entire school district
  • Alyssa Weninger, Director of Community Outreach for mending Minds Foundation, generating social media coverage around PANDAS research
  • Alex Rosenberg,¬†IOCDF Advocate and member of the Faith & OCD Special Interest Group (SIG)