The IOCDF Hero Award and the IOCDF Youth Hero Award Presented by UNSTUCK were created to recognize non-professionals in the OCD community who have stood out as particularly effective advocates for OCD and related disorders or who have helped raise awareness of these disorders. This could include a series of activities and contributions to the OCD community or a significant one-time contribution in the past year. Awards are presented at the Annual OCD Conference.

Examples of contributions to the OCD community include:

  • Participation in an IOCDF Affiliate
  • Contributions to the Annual OCD Conference
  • Media involvement bringing special attention to OCD and related disorders
  • Participation in OCD Awareness Week
  • Participation as a volunteer
  • Participation in a fundraiser for the IOCDF or an Affiliate
  • Other notable activities or contributions not already listed

Previous Hero Award winners include:

  • Denis Asselin for his advocacy and awareness-raising for OCD and BDD, and his inspirational Walking with Nathaniel project, the inspiration for our 1 Million 4 OCD Steps Walk.
  • Margaret Sisson for her advocacy and fundraising for the OCD community in Georgia.
  • Chris Trondsen for his advocacy and work with the OCD Southern California affiliate.
  • Kevin Putman for his work with Run OCD.
  • Alison Dotson for her advocacy as an author, on her website, and as president of the OCD Twin Cities affiliate.
  • Chrissie Hodges for her advocacy work as a certified peer support specialist, including being one of the first individuals to work with psychologists in office in order to integrate peer support on the professional level with OCD treatment.
  • Stuart Ralph for his work to spread awareness about OCD through his podcast, The OCD Stories.

Note: Nominations for the 2019 Hero Award and the 2019 Youth Hero Award have closed.