The IOCDF Hero Award was created to recognize an individual who has stood out as a particularly effective advocate for OCD and related disorders or who has helped raise awareness of these disorders. This could include a series of activities and contributions to the OCD community or a significant one-time contribution in the past year.

The nomination period for the 2017 Hero Award has closed. Nominations are currently being reviewed by and voted on by the Board of Directors, with the winner being announced in the spring of 2017. The winner will we receive free registration to the 24th Annual OCD Conference in San Francisco, and will be honored at the Saturday Night Social at the Conference.

Examples of contributions to the OCD community include:

  • Participation in an IOCDF Affiliate
  • Contributions to the Annual OCD Conference
  • Media involvement bringing special attention to OCD and related disorders
  • Participation in OCD Awareness Week
  • Participation as a volunteer
  • Participation in a fundraiser for the IOCDF or an Affiliate
  • Other notable activities or contributions not already listed

Previous winners include:

  • Denis Asselin for his advocacy and awareness-raising for OCD and BDD, and his inspirational Walking with Nathaniel project, the inspiration for our 1 Million 4 OCD Steps Walk.
  • Margaret Sisson for her advocacy and fundraising for the OCD community in Georgia.
  • Chris Trondsen for his advocacy and work with the OCD Southern California affiliate.
  • Kevin Putman for his work with Run OCD.
  • Alison Dotson for her advocacy as an author, on her website, and as president of the OCD Twin Cities affiliate.