Here are some simple instructions for getting the best results filming on your phone. These instructions are specific to newer iPhones, so if you have a different device, please just follow the basic principles.

  1. Please try to keep the phone as steady as possible. If you have a tripod, great; if not, you can always prop up your phone on a shelf. If someone will be holding the phone, please ask them to hold it as steadily as possible!
  2. Shoot horizontally! This means the phone will be on its side. If the video is for social media, record holding vertical not horizontal.

3. Don’t use the digital zoom on the camera. Please frame the shot by either moving closer or further away from the subject, and don’t use the zoom as this will lessen picture quality.

4. If you have a newer phone, and if you have enough space on your phone’s memory, please shoot the videos at 4K 30fps. You can access this option by going to CAMERA in SETTINGS and selecting the 4K 30fps option.

5. You can change the exposure of the shot (how light or dark it is) by framing the shot, then tapping on the square at the center of the screen and moving the sliding button up or down to get an exposure that looks good.

6. Lighting — Please try to shoot the videos in good lighting. You should use natural light as much as possible, so you can use windows, but don’t shoot towards the window as this will make the subject darker.

7. Sound — Make sure you record in a quiet space. The iPhone’s microphones are quite sensitive, and you’d be amazed what they can pick up. If you don’t mind turning off your air conditioning or heater while you record, that would be excellent, as the air can cycle on and off while you record, creating differences in sound quality.

8. Wardrobe — Casual/Upscale casual. Solid muted colors are best. If you wear bright colors, try to avoid white or black. Try to avoid heavy patterns as well. No logos.

9. Have fun! We appreciate you doing your best with this, and we want to make sure it’s a fun and easy experience. Thank you again for taking part!