Find a Therapist of Color

This page contains a list of licensed providers of color.

The table below is organized by name, city, state/province, country, and race/ethnicity of the provider. Filter by clicking the arrows at the top of each column or simply use the search box on the top right hand side.

If you are a provider of color and your information is not on this page, or is incorrect, please email 

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Audrey Kodye, M.Ed., Registered PsychologistSalve LakeAlbertaCanadaMultiracial or Biracial
Katherine Sanchez, PhDScottsdaleArizonaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Juliana Negreiros, PhD, RPsychPort MoodyBritish ColumbiaCanadaMultiracial or Biracial
Shelia Lastie, LMFTOaklandCaliforniaUnited StatesAfrican-American or Black
Negar Khaefi, MFT, LPCCLos AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesArab or Middle Eastern
Sheva Rajaee, MFTIrvineCaliforniaUnited StatesArab or Middle Eastern
Christy Tadros, LPCCSan FranciscoCaliforniaUnited StatesArab or Middle Eastern
Samira Soroory, MFTIrvineCaliforniaUnited StatesArab or Middle Eastern
Sanjaya Saxena, MDSan DiegoCaliforniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Jennifer Park, PhDPalo AltoCaliforniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Candy Katoa, PsyDSan FranciscoCaliforniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Magdalene Holtam, PhDMountain ViewCaliforniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Martin Hsia, PsyDGlendaleCaliforniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Tejal Jakatdar, PhDSan JoseCaliforniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Shahzad Chaudhry, LMFTBakersfieldCaliforniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Adriana Diaz, LCSWSouth PasadenaCaliforniaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Maria Arellano Piedra, PhDRedlandsCaliforniaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Kattya Manning, LMFTSanta BarbaraCaliforniaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Claudia Vasquez, LMFTWest CovinaCaliforniaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Yesenia Larios, LMFTVenturaCaliforniaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Nicole Pickering, PsyDManhattan BeachCaliforniaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Natalie Abrahami, LCSWLos AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Kelley Gin, PsyDBerkeleyCaliforniaUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Caroline Kalai, PsyDLos AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Rebecca Velasco Ramirez, MFTIrvineCaliforniaUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Crystal Quater, MFTLos AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Sevil Arli, PsyDLos AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Mayra Martinez Mallen, MDCiudad de MexicoCiudad de MexicoMéxicoHispanic or Latino/a
Monnica Williams, PhD, ABPPTollandConnecticutUnited StatesAfrican-American or Black
Liz Basanez, PCCCiudad de MexicoD.F.MéxicoHispanic or Latino/a
Sheeva Mostoufi, PhDWashingtonDistrict of ColumbiaUnited StatesArab or Middle Eastern
Mia Paustian, PhDWashingtonDistrict of ColumbiaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Cynthia Barrera, LCPCIUDAD DE MÉXICODistrito FederalMéxicoHispanic or Latino/a
Omar Rahman, PhDSt PetersburgFloridaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Elizabeth Penela, PhDWestonFloridaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Joyce Szentpaly, PsyDMiamiFloridaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Stephanie Sacks, PhDBoca RatonFloridaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Mary-Eugenia Brizuela, LMHCTampaFloridaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Marcia Rabinowits, PsyDSouth MiamiFloridaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Diana Gonzalez Joya, LCSWMiamiFloridaUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Cindi Gayle, PhDGainesvilleFloridaUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Erin Nghe, LCSWAtlantaGeorgiaUnited StatesAfrican-American or Black
Shaw Wendi Fortuchang, MD, FAPAFayettevilleGeorgiaUnited StatesAfrican-American or Black
Shanee Toledano, PhDAtlantaGeorgiaUnited StatesArab or Middle Eastern
Licia Freeman, LMFTAtlantaGeorgiaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Milena Skollar, LCSWAtlantaGeorgiaUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Ashlenn Von Wiegand, LPC, CCH, NCCLawrencevilleGeorgiaUnited StatesNative Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
Julieanne Pojas, PsyDDeerfieldIllinoisUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Nina Appadurai, Psy.DWarrenvilleIllinoisUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Patty Johnson, PsyDOak ParkIllinoisUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Katherine Harris, PhDNorth AuroraIllinoisUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Heather (Chik) Plinovich, PhD, HSPPMunsterIndianaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Lisa Heiden-Kimball, MA, LMHC, NCCWaterlooIowaUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Sahar Esfahani, PhDBethesdaMarylandUnited StatesArab or Middle Eastern
Magda Rodriguez, PsyDAnnapolisMarylandUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Leila Jelvani, LCSW-CBethesdaMarylandUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Jayme Valdez, LMHCWorcesterMassachusettsUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Byron Garcia, MDBelmontMassachusettsUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Courtney Boyd, PhDTroyMichiganUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Natasha Parekh, PhDWayzataMinnesotaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Shanda Curiel, PsyDLee's SummitMissouriUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Shanda Curiel, PsyDKansas CityMissouriUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Jeanette Nogales, LCMHC, M.Ed., CAGSHanoverNew HampshireUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Johanna Lewis, PhDNashuaNew HampshireUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Angela Mancao, LSWMarltonNew JerseyUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Robert Zambrano, PsyDEast BrunswickNew JerseyUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Navin Dargani, MD, MPHNew YorkNew YorkUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Javier Ballesteros, PsyDNew YorkNew YorkUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Paula Yanes-Lukin, PhDNew YorkNew YorkUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Diana Gonzales-Ricard, LCSWMontroseNew YorkUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Dujardin Bonet, LCSW-R, MSWBronxNew YorkUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Rebecca Berry, PhDNew YorkNew YorkUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Ida Moadab, PhDEugeneOregonUnited StatesArab or Middle Eastern
Joanne Chan, PsyDPortlandOregonUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Muniya Khanna, PhDPlymouth MeetingPennsylvaniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Amit Chopra, MDPittsburghPennsylvaniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Caryn Gill, LPCHorshamPennsylvaniaUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Mariana Trujillo, MASan Carlos de BarilocheRio NegroArgentinaHispanic or Latino/a
Cristina Galbarro GutiérrezSevillaSevillaSpainHispanic or Latino/a
David Dia, PhD, LCSWCordovaTennesseeUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Yasmeen Neal, PhDNashvilleTennesseeUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Jameeka Moore, PsyDAustinTexasUnited StatesAfrican-American or Black
Mariel Cannady, PsyDAustinTexasUnited StatesAfrican-American or Black
Angela Casanova, LPC-SSan AntonioTexasUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Jack Tsan, PhDAustinTexasUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Christine Leyva, PhDAustinTexasUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Laura Jo Zavalney, LCSWAustinTexasUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Saharah Shrout, LPCCypressTexasUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Andrea Alvarez, LPC-S, NCCSan AntonioTexasUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Ivy Ruths, PhDHoustonTexasUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial
Annabella Hagen, LCSW, RPT-SProvoUtahUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Rindee Ashcraft, PhDBellevueWashingtonUnited StatesAmerican Indian or Alaska Native or First Nations
Jennifer Yeh, LMHCSeattleWashingtonUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Erjing Cui, LMHCSeattleWashingtonUnited StatesAsian or Asian-American
Mariana Sampaio, LMHCSeattleWashingtonUnited StatesHispanic or Latino/a
Mary Torres, LMHCBurienWashingtonUnited StatesMultiracial or Biracial