The South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Global Partner
Contact Name: Zane Wilson and Shai Friedland
P O Box 650301
Benmore, 2010
South Africa
Phone: 011-234-4837

Celebrating 15 years of mental health and advocacy in 2010, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group is the country’s largest and most recognized mental health initiative. As the nation’s leading advocacy and educational voice on mental health, SADAG has been tirelessly committed to improving the mental health and well-being of thousands of South Africans. Mental illness, and the stigma surrounding it, is a crucial issue in South Africa, and as such SADAG is at the forefront of patient advocacy, education and destigmatization of mental illness in the country. Its expertise lies in assisting patients and callers throughout South Africa with mental health queries.

SADAG’s programs include a network of over 180 Support Groups throughout South Africa, a phone counseling service, educational materials, newsletters, a referral service to appropriate treatment, workshops and training programs, and work with school systems.