Meredith H. McNamee LPC Associate

5900 Balcones Dr
Ste 14257
Austin, Texas 78731
ADA Accessible
Supervisor: Kelsey Fyffe, LPC-S

Narrative of Services:

My practice, Greenhouse Counseling, offers individual teletherapy services for individuals in Texas, specializing in OCD and related conditions. Approximately 50% of my clients have OCD, and I also provide treatment for co-occurring eating disorders. I particularly enjoy treating harm and scrupulosity OCD themes. My approach is grounded in empirically supported mental health treatments, ensuring the highest quality of care for my clients.

Training Description:

I have undergone extensive training and supervision under two members of the IOCDF. This training has been focused on utilizing Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), the most effective treatment for OCD, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Over the past two years, I have been working with clients specifically diagnosed with OCD, applying these evidence-based techniques in my clinical practice. I frequently consult with other OCD therapists. Additionally, I have worked under the supervision of a certified eating disorder specialist, allowing me to effectively address the complex needs of clients with co-occurring eating disorders and OCD.