Institutional Membership at the IOCDF

Institutional Members are clinics and programs in the US and around the globe that offer residential and/or intensive treatment for OCD and related disorders, are specialty outpatient clinics with a large staff dedicated to treating OCD, or offer low-cost treatment options through research studies.

In addition to helping disseminate desperately needed resources to the OCD and related disorders community, there are many benefits to becoming an Institutional Member with the IOCDF, including:

  • A listing* in the online Resource Directory and on the Clinics & Programs page (, including contact information, a link to your clinic website, a full clinic description PDF, and tags showcasing specialty areas, treatment strategies, payment options, populations served, and other details.
  • Discounts on both exhibiting and advertising at IOCDF conference, including the in-person Annual OCD Conference and virtual Online OCD Conference.
  • Free IOCDF educational publications, including a bulk subscription to our quarterly OCD Newsletter and informational brochures about OCD and related disorders.
  • The option to publish Institutional Updates in the OCD Newsletter each quarter to keep members updated on new services, staff, support groups, and other developments.
  • The option to post trainings and job opportunities on the IOCDF website at
  • Bulk access to IOCDF Transition Packets to disseminate to clients transitioning out of intensive treatment.
  • Participation on a Listserv to facilitate communication between all Institutional Members for the purposes of cross referrals, sharing resources, and networking with other professionals.

*Resource Directory listings: Each Institutional Member gets up to two free location listings in the new IOCDF Resource Directory. If the contact information and/or address of your institutions, programs, or services are different, you will have the option to list two of them. For example, if you have both an adult IOP and a child IOP at different addresses with different contact information, you may list both programs separately in our Resource Directory. However, if you opened a third location, this would incur an additional $100 listing fee. If all of your programming is at the same address then there is no additional fee.

Since our new Resource Directory is powered by location-based searches, we strongly encourage you to list all of your different services and programs at their respective addresses so that they will appear to users searching for services in that area.


Institutional Members are clinics and programs that offer cognitive behavioral therapy (with a heavy emphasis on exposure and response prevention) and fit the following requirements:

  1. The clinic has a minimum of three (3), independently licensed, full-time staff clinicians working in the same clinic/program.
  2. These clinicians have a combined 10 years experience treating OCD and related disorders (i.e., have specific training in first-line treatments for OCD and related disorders).
  3. The identified clinic advertises itself as a facility where the primary focus is on the treatment of OCD and/or related disorders (more than 50%).

Clinics that meet the above eligibility requirements must also fit in one or more of the following four categories:

Residential Programs: Structured programs in which clients live at the treatment center with care available around the clock and which offer CBT/ERP in group and individual treatment formats, medication treatment, and family therapy, which all form the core components of the program’s treatment services.

Intensive Treatment Programs: Clinics offering structured treatment programs beyond traditional outpatient, with clients participating in sessions up to 90 minutes long, several times a week (more than 1-2) for a specific period of time (4-6 weeks, for example).

Speciality Outpatient Clinics: Clinics where several outpatient therapists work together in a treatment center that primarily focuses on treating OCD and related disorders, and as a result may have more experience and training in the OCD and related disorders field. They typically offer traditional outpatient therapy (usually 45–60 minute sessions, 1–2 times per week), but may also offer additional programs, such as support groups and group therapy.

Research Clinics: Clinics conducting research into evidenced-based treatment for OCD and related disorders that can provide treatment at a reduced rate.

Membership Fee

Membership fees are on a sliding scale based on the size of your clinic or program, and will be determined based on the information provided on your application form.

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