Institutional Membership at the IOCDF

In 2009, the IOCDF launched our Institutional Membership Program with a focus on Intensive Treatment Programs (ITPs) to help connect individuals affected by OCD with more treatment options around the world. As a result, we currently have over 70 Institutional Members in the US. Beginning in 2013, we expanded the Institutional Membership Program to include OCD Specialty Outpatient Clinics (SOCs) of three or more licensed clinicians.*

In addition to being part of the IOCDF community, there are many benefits to becoming an Institutional Member of the IOCDF including:

  • Advertising your clinic on the IOCDF website, including contact information, a link to your clinic’s website (if applicable), a description of your staff and services you offer.
  • Receiving IOCDF publications, including our quarterly newsletter and informational brochures about OCD and related disorders.
  • Participation on a Listserv to facilitate communication between all Institutional Members (both SOCs and ITPs) for the purposes of cross referrals, sharing resources, and networking with other professionals.
  • Discounts on participating in IOCDF events, such as exhibiting at the Annual OCD Conference, advertising in the conference Program Guide, or attending one of our Behavior Therapy Training Institutes.

How to Become an Institutional Member

There are two ways to qualify as an IOCDF Institutional Member: You can either qualify if you are part of an OCD Speciality Outpatient Clinic (SOC) or an Intensive Treatment Program (ITP), or both.

An OCD and/or related disorders Specialty Outpatient Clinic (SOC) is defined as:

  1. A minimum of three (3), licensed clinicians who maintain a professional membership in the IOCDF working in the same outpatient clinic.
  2. These clinicians should have 10 combined years experience treating OCD and related disorders.
  3. The identified clinic advertises itself as a facility where the primary focus is on the treatment of OCD and/or related disorders.

A OCD and/or related disorders Intensive Treatment Program is defined as:

  1. A program offering more than 1-2 times a week individual outpatient therapy.
  2. A program is separate and specific for individuals with OCD and related disorders.
  3. A program with staff of at least three (3) clinicians working at the program are identified as OCD and related disorders specialists (i.e., have specific training in first-line treatments for OCD and related disorders).

Intensive Treatment Programs can range from an individual therapist doing outpatient therapy multiple times a week for extended sessions, a structured Intensive Outpatient Program, a Day Program that meets every day of the week, or a Residential or Inpatient specialty program. In some cases, your services may qualify as both a Specialty Outpatient Clinic and an Intensive Treatment Program. If that is the case, please fill out the applicable information on the attached application.

Each Institutional Member gets up to two free location listings in the new IOCDF Resource Directory, if the contact information and/or address of your Institutions programs or services are different. For example, if you have both an adult IOP and a child IOP at different addresses with different contact information, you may list both programs separately in our Resource Directory. However, if you if you opened a third location, this would incur an additional $100 listing fee. If all of your programming is at the same address then there is no additional fee.

Since our new Resource Directory is powered by location-based searches, we strongly encourage you to actually list all of your different services and programs at their respective addresses, so that they will appear to all users searching for services in that area.

Click here to fill out the Institutional Membership form.  Membership fees are on a sliding scale based on the size of your clinic or program, and will be determined based on the information provided on your application form.