Educational Resources

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We provide an array of resources that you can utilize to educate yourself, or others, about OCD and related disorders.

From the Experts

We collaborate with leading experts to bring you informative and accurate information about the latest therapy, research, and treatment in OCD and related disorders. Our From the Experts section includes articles that are relevant and accessible to people living with OCD and their loved ones, as well as to mental health professionals. Their articles go beyond what we cover in our “Learn More About OCD” sections, in order to provide more in-depth looks at various areas of OCD management and treatment. Read our articles from the experts.

Brochures, Fact Sheets & Handouts

We provide brochures, fact sheets, and handouts which can be viewed online or printed from your computer. These educational resources cover various OCD topics and many are available in both English and non-English languages. We highly encourage you to use these to help educate yourselves and your community about OCD and related disorders. View our brochures, fact sheets, and handouts.

OCD Newsletter & Archive

The OCD Newsletter is a source of news and inspiration to individuals with OCD, their loved ones, and to OCD professionals and researchers. Subscription to this quarterly publication is one of the many benefits of membership with the IOCDF, along with access to the OCD Newsletter Archive, which members can access online. Learn more about the OCD Newsletter.

Books & Multimedia

There are many books available these days about OCD and related disorders, from memoirs to self-help books. In addition, there are several multimedia tools such as DVDs and mobile apps that may assist in understanding and managing symptoms. We have compiled a list of some of these books and multimedia resources for the community. View our list of books and multimedia resources.

Anxiety in the Classroom

Anxiety in the Classroom is an online resource center for school personnel, students, and their families that provides useful information, resources, and materials about anxiety and OCD as they relate to the school setting. In addition, it offers specific tools for teachers, administrators, and other school personnel who may work with students with anxiety and/or OCD. Parents and students can also find tools and information to help them advocate for school accommodations, as well as to educate their teachers and classmates about OCD and anxiety. Visit the website.