Diana Bastien PsyD, ABPP


Board-Certified Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist

7222 Linden Ave N
Suite A
Seattle, Washington 98103
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

I have my own private practice and I treat children and adolescents. Approximately 70% of the children and adolescents I see in private practice have OCD and/or an OC-related disorder.

Including IOP, individual therapy, and group therapy, I have treated upwards of 500 children and adolescents with OCD and/or an OC-related disorder since I have been independently licensed.

Training Description:

Before transitioning to my own private practice, I spent over two years as an attending psychologist with Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Mood and Anxiety Program, including the Anxiety and OCD IOP. I also spent time as the lead psychologist in the Anxiety IOP. I am currently on the medical staff as a consultant.

My training includes graduate training at the University of South Florida under the supervision of two members of the IOCDF Scientific Advisory Committee. I have also co-authored 4 peer-reviewed on PANS/PANDAS, which are published under my former last name (Gerardi).