Amanda Beck LCMHC

983 Mar-Don Drive
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27104
ADA Accessible
Phone: 336-923-7426
Narrative of Services:

Approximately 40% of my caseload at any given time is individuals with OCD. I am the only clinician in our practice who specializes in OCD and related anxiety disorders.

Training Description:

Trained to use ExRP to treat OCD through UPenn’s CTSA coupled with consultation group participation also through CTSA. I’ve been treating clients with OCD for going on 3 years.

Diversity Statement:

As a white, cis, straight provider I am in a constant process of learning – both formally and informally- how my identities provide me with unearned privilege and how to meet the therapeutic needs of those who hold identities that are both different than mine and have been historically marginalized. I am proud to be chosen as a therapist by individuals who hold a variety of identities across race and ethnicities, sexual expressions, gender expressions, types of relationships, and spirituality/religions. I strive to honor all of them in our work.