Deloria Berks LCSW-R

Social Worker
90 Broad Street
Suite 40
New York, New York 10003
ADA Accessible
Phone: 845-558-8928
Narrative of Services:

OCD requires a cognitive approach with specific tools. Through practice, the OCD can be reduced. I offer a gentle practical approach for discovering an authentic more powerful self. With practice, we can discover how to be heard, how to listen and get needs met. Transformation and leadership are brought about by intention and attention. To take charge of the self requires a clear path to understand and reduce the OCD brain. The thoughts in our mind are like the first draft of a novel – a narrative in need of revision or deleted. Through understanding behavior, new chapters emerge.

Training Description:

With over 20 years of experience from business to clinical practice, a graduate of Fordham, and post-grad clinical training with Univ of PA Anxiety Clinic, Alanson White, the National Institute for Psychotherapies, Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis, and Center for Self-Leadership, I work with a broad spectrum of clients. Training for OCD and EXRP from the University of PA Anxiety Clinic provided a strong desire and ability to work with OCD. My approach is geared toward individuals uncovering their true potential and discovering a life to celebrate, one that increases Self Leadership. I’ve also practiced Transcendental Meditation for 25 years.

Diversity Statement:

I have a variety of clients, many in same sex partnerships or marriages. I’m supportive of the LGBT community but have less experience with transgender or reassignment surgery. I am English speaking only.

Treatment Group:

I conduct two monthly groups for OCD — one is closed, and the other is an open support group for anyone with OCD experiences. I present a model that is useful for recovery and review a particular area of OCD/anxiety for approximately 20 minutes. The meeting then opens for sharing and discussion. Some attendees have been in recovery for many years and others are just beginning to understand their journey. I make a point to have the room be warm and supportive for everyone. In addition to the OCD Groups, I see individual clients with a variety of concerns.