Chad Brandt PhD

Brookhollow West Drive
Houston, Texas 77241
ADA Accessible
Phone: 281-692-4631
Narrative of Services:

My practice is 95+% OCD cases. I specialize in severe cases of OCD and prefer to work with people in full-day sessions.

Training Description:

I completed my post-doctoral internship at the Houston OCD Program (now McLean OCD Institute at Houston) and was trained on the Bergen 4-Day Treatment for OCD in 2019. My practice specializes in OCD and OC-spectrum disorders

Diversity Statement:

OCD does not differentiate race, gender, sexuality, or any other differences we all may have and neither do I!

I did most of my graduate training at an inner-city sexual health clinic. I spent most of my pre-doctoral internship in a VA setting. I am comfortable with any person who needs help and am also comfortable asking about how my social/economic/religious/cultural background may differ from yours and how I can better understand that to better help you!