Christin Brown LICSW

Social Worker
85 Constitution Ln
Suite 100H1
Danvers, Massachusetts 01923
ADA Accessible
Phone: 978-394-1275
Narrative of Services:

About 80% of my caseload has OCD or OC Related disorders. I have treated about 100 clients who have OCD. I use primarily ERP but I also have some training and experience in ACT as well as mindfulness training.

Training Description:

MGH Psychiatry Academy ERP course for Adults- 2021 and Pediatric-2022
Behavioral Therapy Training Institute for Pediatrics- 2023
I have been a therapist since 2009 and went into private practice specializing with OCD and related disorders since 2021. I have experience with kids, teens and adults. I enjoy finding creative ways to address OCD that are meaningful to the client.

Diversity Statement:

I have worked with people of a variety of cultures and backgrounds and I value this in my work!
It is important to me to accept as many insurance plans as possible so as to be able to work with clients who have OCD in an accessible way for all.
My practice demographics vary widely in age, ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomics, location, religion and race/ethnicity.

I have received formal training in cultural responsiveness; and have had a lot of hands on experience with people of a variety of backgrounds both through my previous job in a community mental health clinic as well as my current work as a private practitioner.