Valerie Buisse LPC

826 Main St, Ste 1
Union Grove, Wisconsin 53182
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Currently, about 45% of my clients have a primary diagnosis of OCD, another 10% have a primary diagnosis that is within the realm of BFRBs. I am currently closed to all other clientele, besides those with a primary diagnosis of Anxiety and OCD. I have treated over 75 individuals with OCD over the past 4 years.

Training Description:

I received over 80 didactic hours of CBT, ERP, and Habit Reveral training education while employed at Roger’s Memorial Hospital. Following the didactic Training, I had a 2 month orientation, shadowing therapists in the Anxiety and OCD intensive treatment programs. Thereafter, I was the primary therapist for the Adolescent Anxiety and OCD IOP program for 1 year and have been treating these populations in private practice for the past 2 years.