Erjing Cui LMHC

2207 NE 65th Street Suite 204
Seattle, Washington 98155
ADA Accessible
Phone: 857-323-2188
Narrative of Services:

Erjing specializes in working with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (using ERP), trauma, and particularly enjoys working with persons of color from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Erjing approaches psychotherapy with a multicultural and social justice framework and believes in exploring and understanding intersectionality and systemic issues.

Erjing has tons of experience working with all populations under the general term “Asian American”: whose families originate in East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia; or who currently live in the U.S. and do not identify themselves as “American”.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:


Training Description:

– Clinically trained in Mclean Hospital’s OCDI from 2016-2017, and have been treating OCD patients since then;
– Participated in BTTI in 2019 as a vice president of OCD WA, the co-sponsor for the event.
– A solid clinical background and clinical orientation focusing on multiculturalism and social justice;
– child and family therapist at Asian Counseling and Referral Service (with a focused on OCD and related disorder and cultural related issues such as racism, acculturation challenges, racial trauma)
– Currently OCD therapist at Rogers Behavioral Health in Seattle, WA
– Currently in private practice

Diversity Statement:

– Mental Health Professional, Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist certificated by Washington State Department of Health
– Clinical therapist and supervisor in Asian Counseling and Referral Service
– Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College, a social justice, multiculturalism-focused program
– Undergraduate thesis: Mothers’ Expectations and adolescents’ self-conceptions of their achievements across cultures

Treatment Groups:

Who: Individual with OCD, age 16 and up, preferably engaged in individual therapy currently
Time: Wednesday evenings, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm, in person. 7-week program
Cost: $390 for 7 weeks of 90-minute;
for new clients: a 75 mins clinical intake assessment is required to determine fit ($200).
Location: 2207 NE 65th Street, suite 204, Seattle WA; possible virtual option

In this group, you can expect to:
Get to know your OCD, such as rumination, physical compulsion, mental ritual, emotional contamination, etc
Learn more about topics related to OCD: guilt, shame, self-compassion, etc
Meet and connect with peers with similar struggles
Challenge and make friends with your OCD with exposure work.
More info: