Jennifer Daigle LPC, NCC

137 Danbury Road
New Milford, CT 06776
ADA Accessible
Phone: 860-980-0162
Narrative of Services:

My practice exists to offer services to people with OCD, anxiety, phobias, and other related disorders. About 90% of my clients are experiencing OCD, anxiety, phobias, or another related disorders.

Training Description:

I have both personal and professional experience with OCD and related disorders. I have worked with OCD and related disorders throughout my MA degree in a variety of settings, such as schools and agencies. After my MA, I have completed various trainings each year on ERP, CBCIT, and ACT. I have been working with experts in the field for 5+ years and am always learning more from my clients!

Diversity Statement:

I’ve worked with many populations with people across all ages, races, and identities. I’ve worked in urban areas, rural areas, and with different religions and socioeconomic backgrounds. I believe each person is an individual, and use your worldview to guide treatment.

I do multiple trainings each year on the impact of OCD on different populations, and the strengths/limitations that different experiences can bring to treatment. I’ve worked with so many individuals, and always let their perspective guide me. I let my clients teach me what I need to know about them to help them meet their goals, as I know I cannot know everything about each person’s experience!