Lili Daoud LCSW

Social Worker
176 West Main Street
Avon, Connecticut 06001
Phone: 860-677-2991
Narrative of Services:

My practice is about 80% OCD and the Spectrum disorders, which includes BDD, Relationship OCD, health anxiety, , pedophilia OCD, homosexual OCD, contamination OCD, etc. Please look at my webpage to see just some of the great reviews I have. I have treated about 1500 people with OCD. The remaining 20% of my practice addresses complex anxiety disorders such as Psychogenic pain, seizures etc.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Eating disorders and OCD often present together. My treatment structure would involve E/RP for the OCD aspects of both disorders and REBT for any ancillary irrational thoughts that may be impacting the client’s life in a negative way. I assess their BMI and what foods they are avoiding and we begin to integrate those foods into their diet. The cognitive restructuring is essential in eating disorders on both spectrums.

Training Description:

I am a Supervisor and training faculty at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York. I completed the BTTI in Philadelphia at UPenn in 2005. I have been treating OCD for 18 years. I completed the NACE course,#745 John March, which focused on the treatment of OCD in children. I completed Professional Training Institute of Trichotillomania and Skin picking with Drs. Mansueto. I completed a homestudy by Dr. Martin Antony called Pathology of Perfectionism
In 2020 I attended Master Clinicians OCFoundation Vacation in Puerto Rico. In August of 2020, I completed the SPACE Training online through Yale and Dr. Liebowitz.

Diversity Statement:

I work with and welcome people of all ethnicities, colors and genders.

Cultural competency training is required in Social work and I have completed required course work.