Lili Daoud, MSW

Social Worker

Supervisor, Albert Ellis Institute Director, Center for Cognitive Therapy

176 West Main Street
Avon, Connecticut 06001

Narrative of Services:

I started the Center for Cognitive Therapy about 12 years ago and have had the pleasure of working with excellent therapists. A large percentage of my practice is with OCD, BDD, hypochondria and a variety of other anxiety disorders as well as depression and family therapy. I have probably treated around 500 or more children adolescents and adults with OCD. The ones who do what I tell them to do generally get better.

Training Description:

I completed the BTI training and have been treating patients with OCD and the Spectrum Disorders for about 15 years. As a supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute I am also well versed in Cognitive Restructuring which is an integral part of treatment for OCD. I have been fortunate to have trained with some of the top therapists in the World not just in exposure response prevention but in Cognitive restructuring as well.