Judy J. DeKuehn LPC-MHSP


Director/Counselor, Fresh Perspectives Counseling

585 Mountain Shadow Ln.
Maryville, Tennessee 37803
ADA Accessible
Phone: 940-300-9933
Narrative of Services:

I offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, Habit Reversal Therapy, and Art Therapy to aid in the facilitation of healing for my clients. In the past 9 years I estimated that I have treated 400 – 500 clients who have struggled with the above diagnoses. I have led support groups and conducted private therapy for adolescents and adults in Texas, and look forward to doing the same in Tennessee.

I also treat Disassociative Identity Disorders, which may sometimes present along with other disorders, particularly those of high anxiety or panic attacks.

Training Description:

I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2004 and began focusing immediately on working with clients who were experiencing Trichotillomania, Eating Disorders, Skin Picking and OCD Spectrum Disorders. I began a private practice in Denton, TX in 2009 and have focused my practice primarily on seeing clients with the above diagnoses. About 85% of my practice falls within these guidelines. I am currently moving to Maryville, TN as of August 3, 2018 and expect to have a private practice running within the next few weeks.

Diversity Statement:

It is my experience that the process of counseling is a uniquely individual process and there is “no one size fits all”. In my practice, I strive to meet each person exactly where he/she is and tailor my counseling to fit to the individuality of the client. I like to describe my practice as a safe and “judgement-free zone” so that all persons can find the rest and healing they may need.

I have had the pleasure of working with individuals from all walks of life, culture and belief systems. My philosophy is that I gain something from each person who crosses my path and my counseling approach strives to incorporate this mindset to all who engage with me to partner together for health and healing.