Ariana Dichiara PsyD

Narrative of Services:

I provide individual and group treatment for OCD and OCPD, with approximately 50% of my current practice being clients with those concerns. In my career, I have treated dozens of individuals with OCD/OCPD related concerns, providing thousands of hours of treatment. I have also provided training and supervision to others in the field regarding OCPD and OCD assessment and treatment.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

In addition to OCD and OCPD, I have special expertise in treating individuals with PTSD and trauma disorders utilizing PE, CPT, and ACT as well as those with chronic medical conditions/chronic pain (using ACT and CBT). I also treat comorbid depression, anxiety, and help those navigating life transitions and stress.

Training Description:

I have 11 years between research and clinical experience working with OCD and OCPD clients. I have had supervision with senior providers in the field teaching me OCPD and OCD assessment and treatment, including extensive supervision on numerous cases using ERP and CBT for Perfectionism.

Treatment Groups:

Pathways Past Perfectionism Group $50/session