Susanna M Doss LCSW

Social Worker

Assistant Director of OCD and Anxiety Services

205 Old Hewitt Rd
Waco, Texas 76712
ADA Accessible
Phone: 254-327-1408
Narrative of Services:

My clinic offers about 30% OCD-related disorder treatment, and 100% of my time is dedicated to working with OCD and anxiety spectrum disorders. My treatment center offers interdisciplinary care for OCD and anxiety issues and disordered eating, as well as an Eating disorder Intensive Outpatient program.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Depression, trauma, crisis/safety issues, disordered eating. I use CBT, DBT, mindfulness, Prolonged Exposure therapy, and Judith Herman’s trauma model to intervene with depression, trauma and crisis. I work with an interdisciplinary team of disordered eating specialists, dietitians, and a psychiatry to intervene with disordered eating and to provide holistic care.

Training Description:

I have worked with OCD spectrum disorders for over two years. I have attended the BTTI and have done numerous online and in-person trainings, facilitated by (among others) The Peace of Mind Foundation and taught by OCD experts for the past 5 years. My professional presentation on ROCD was accepted and offered at the 2017 MSW Colloquium at Baylor University. I am supervised by a BTTI-trained OCD expert & member of the ICODF with 15 years of training.

Diversity Statement:

Diversity awareness is important to me, and I strive to use continuing education and self-awareness in my work with multicultural populations. I am comfortable and experienced with offering services to racially/ethnically, socioeconomically, religiously, and gendered/sexually diverse populations. I have no speciality demographic.

Ongoing attendance at Social Justice conferences through the NASW and other organizations to increase my awareness and competence; monthly mindful engagement in peer-to-peer education and discussion (such as book clubs) to enhance my awareness of my own privilege, bias, and ultimately to inform my clinical work with diverse populations.