Chaise M. Edwards-Hager MA, LPA

Licensed Psychological Associate

1333 W McDermott Dr
Ste. 150
Allen, Texas 75103
ADA Accessible
Phone: 972-332-8733
Narrative of Services:

In Dallas, we provide individual, group, intensive outpatient, and day treatment. We also offer the RISE program. The RISE program is designed to help individuals who are too severe for once-per-week services but not severe enough to warrant travel to another state for day treatment or intensive outpatient services. The RISE program is 3 sessions of 90-minute Exposure and Response Prevention and Acceptance and Commitment Training offered for a month to facilitate client success in continuing treatment with their outpatient therapist after one month of services.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

In our treatment programs we assess for co-occurring disorders and treat most disorders responsive to behavioral intervention that do not significantly disrupt the treatment milieu. That is, we treat co-occurring depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and in some cases personality disorders.

Training Description:

I am being trained by and working with OCD clients through the Better Living Center for Behavioral Health. So far, I have gained experience with contamination OCD, learning to manage mental compulsions as well as physical, religious obsessions, perfectionism, checking compulsions, and more.

Diversity Statement:

I have worked with clients from many different cultures, with a variety of different religions and also different sexualities. I have experiences with trans clients as well as the LGBTQIA+ community. I believe the most important thing in therapy is respecting your client as a whole person with their own point of view and working with them from there.

Yearly, I complete diversity continuing educations to best serve my clients. I have completed these in areas of LGBTQIA+ and different cultural/religious backgrounds so that I may have more information to better understand the client sitting in front of me. I also take time to hear and listen to my client that is in front of me and learn from their experience within their own culture and life.