Meg Grundy, LCSW

Social Worker
26485 Carmel Rancho
Suite 6
Carmel, California 93923

Narrative of Services:

I work in a private practice setting where I typically meet with clients on a weekly basis.  My case load is about 25% OC Related disorders and I have worked with a minimum of 50 individuals with OC Related disorders.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: No

Training Description:

I have been working with anxiety disorders and OCD for 12+ years. My first BTTI (adult) was about 8 years ago in Chapel Hill, NC. I completed my follow up calls with Dr. Aureen Wagner. My second BTTI (pediatric) was in 2016 at UCLA. I have not completed my follow up called with Dr. Alec Pollard. I have used Dr. Wagner as a paid consultants numerous times over the years.