April Kilduff, LCPC

1448 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Suite 202
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Narrative of Services:

I’m currently part of a Chicago general private practice & offer traditional outpatient services for OCD, anxiety & common co-occurring conditions. My goal is to remain highly focused on OCD treatment using the evidence-based practices of CBT, ERP & ACT. Thanks to my experience at Alexian Brothers, I have experience working with all types of OCD – contamination, checking, counting & perfectionism to name a few common ones as well as the lesser-known “Pure-O” types – violent/sexual/harm thoughts (including HOCD, POCD & ROCD) & Scrupulosity. We can work together to create an exposure program that’s paced right just for you.

Training Description:

While acquiring my Master’s Degree & LCPC, I spent almost 4 years working at the Alexian Brother’s Center For Anxiety & Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, one of the few intensive outpatient programs in the US. Under the supervision of an IOCDF Scientific Advisory Board member, I supported hundreds of people & their families as they learned to challenge & manage OCD/Anxiety using CBT, ERP & ACT. Additionally, I highly enjoyed & often worked with those in the program who were also on the Autism Spectrum. My training is ongoing as I continue to learn via books & conferences.