Jonah Lakin, PsyD

19220 Lorain Road
Suite 203
Fairview Park, Ohio 44126

Narrative of Services:

About 40% of my work entails the treatment of OCD in children, adolescents and adults. Another 20% of my caseload involves exposure therapy (ERP) for non-OCD anxiety disorders (such as phobias). ERP is a passion of mine, as I enjoy seeing how the therapy opens up people’s lives in ways that were not possible prior to treatment.

Training Description:

I learned and practiced exposure therapies during my post-doctoral training at the Center for Occupational Health in Richmond, California. I pursued further training and supervision in the use of ERP at the East Bay Behavior Therapy Center in Walnut Creek, California. I sought additional training and supervision through the Berkeley CBT Clinic, where I also supervised graduate students in the use of ERP to treat OCD. Teaching others was a helpful method to consolidate my knowledge and skills, and ensure I truly understood the concepts I was utilizing in my own practice.