Erin L. Loken LMFT

8152 SW Hall Blvd, #1088
Beaverton, Oregon 97008
ADA Accessible
Phone: 503-460-7091
Narrative of Services:

Specialization functional assessment and treatment with the overlap between co-occuring disorders of OCD, Tics (CBIT certified) , ADHD, BFRBs). Current percentage of clients in practice for related disorders:
OCD = 90%
Tics, Tourette Syndrome = 70%
FND = 10%
BFRBs = 50%
ADHD = 80%
Autistic Spectrum = 20%

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

ADHD (CBT treatment based on a functional approach to understanding and decreasing symptoms) CBT treatment for sensory processing divergence.
School communication for 504 and IEP plans regarding OCD and related disorders.
Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) as it relates to “tics” (Treatment based on functional tools for movement and decrease of symptoms.)

Training Description:

UCLA Anxiety Disorders clinic training for ERP (2 years) (+6 years supervised internship with attending professor at UCLA ADC). 16 years practicing ERP with full caseload 90-95% OCD/ERP management, 97% related disorders for children and adults. IOCDF pre-conference training for Autism/OCD presentation. S.P.A.C.E. Graduate, CBIT certified, ComB TLC Graduate.
Attendance for years IOCDF national conference and attend IOCDF supervision sessions. Frequent consultation with IOCDF members and colleagues who lecture at IOCDF conferences. Workshops for ACT tx of OCD. Past paid IOCDF supervision sessions with IOCDF lecturer for “Tourettic OCD”.

Diversity Statement:

Workshop training and work with neurodivergent and related diverse populations (autistic spectrum, ADHD, sensory processing, TBI, FND) adults and children. Monthly group supervision sessions attended with professionals dedicated to treatment of these cooccurring conditions.