Carol J. Lundemo, MA


Founder, Counseling for OCD and Anxiety Disorders, LLC

10740 Meridian Ave. N
Suite 203
Seattle, Washington 98133

Narrative of Services:

Currently, 95% of my clients suffer from OCD. I have treated all types, including scrupulosity, harm, contamination, perfectionism, etc. I have served as a volunteer facilitator for the Seattle OCD support group for over 10 years. I also am a moderator for the large online Yahoo OCD support group, and periodically run various other groups at my office. I work with family members to help educate them and support them as they reduce accommodations that have been enabling the sufferer. I believe in humor, and recognizing the silliness of OCD when appropriate. I also personally am recovered from severe OCD.

Training Description:

I have a MA degree in Counseling/Psychology from Northwest University. I am a Washington state licensed mental health counselor specializing in treating OCD. I have been in practice for almost six years. I have done additional training in CBT and ERP and have presented at workshops to educate the public and professionals about OCD and its treatment. I recently moved into my own private practice and founded Counseling for OCD and Anxiety Disorders.