Aaron Munson LPC

1143 Warwick Way
Racine, Wisconsin 53406
ADA Accessible
Phone: 414-293-0065
Narrative of Services:

In addition to my Racine location, I also practice with Lifestance Health in Brookfield, WI. In addition to myself there are more clinicians at Lifestance who utilize CBT/ERP to treat OCD and other Anxiety Disorders. At this clinic I have treated numerous individuals with anxiety, OCD and other OC spectrum disorders. Including my time at Rogers Behavioral Health, I have treated hundreds of individuals falling on the OC Spectrum. My focus of patients seen at Lifestance is primarily on OCD, OC Spectrum, and Anxiety Disorders. I unfortunately no longer run any anxiety groups.

Training Description:

I received training in CBT, specifically ERP, through Rogers Behavioral Health. There I worked with adolescents and adults for over 7 years as a Behavioral Specialist encompassing a broad range of OCD, Anxiety Disorders, and OCD Spectrum Disorders. While there I also received supervision and engaged in ongoing CBT training/in-services to broaden my knowledge of the practice of CBT/ERP.