Katie Polsky PhD


Group Practice Owner

1011 22nd Street
Sacramento, California 95816
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Vantage Point works with a large number of clients with OCD. We probably have 100 clients at any time that our group collectively work with. We have three OCD groups as well and also provide other services as well. We very much enjoy working with people people struggling with Anxiety and OCD and with LGBTQIA clients.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

We work with personality disorders and OCD spectrum disorders, eating disorders, PTSD and complex trauma, and depression.

Training Description:

I have had 14 years of experience treating predominantly OCD Spectrum clients. I worked in an IOP for the treatment of OCD and Anxiety and other co-occurring disorders. I have presented at and attended several of the IOCDF Conferences. I developed a training program to educate and train doctoral students and other mental health professionals on the ethical treatment and support of clients struggling with these disorders. Vantage Point is a safe place for individual to seek treatment and support.

Diversity Statement:

Our practice is very diverse. About 1/3 of our clientele identify as LGBTQIA. We also see people from all multicultural backgrounds.

Because Vantage Point is a training site for doctoral students it is a large part of our organizations ongoing training. We have speakers come in to speak about a whole range of issues and work with various populations. In our didactic seminars every Friday. We encourage one another to consult and read and have open dialogues about anti-racism and microaggressions in psychotherapy. We work hard to understand our clients and how they may experience oppression in their lives and how this impacts their mental health.

Treatment Groups:

Please visit our website with the most current group listings. Currently, we have three OCD groups.