Patrick Powers LMFT

4505 S Wasatch Blvd
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

While my primary modality for treating OCD is Exposure and Response Prevention, my approach is also holistic in nature, utilizing principles of attachment and positive psychology to help my clients not only manage their OCD but also to live balanced, satisfying lives.

While I work with clients with a broad variety of obsessional themes, I have a special expertise and comfort working with those experiencing intrusive thoughts of a taboo and sexual nature, including: sexual orientation, pedophilia, incest, blasphemy, harm to others, etc. We really can talk about these themes with no judgment or shame. I promise.

Training Description:

In addition to years of study, including during my graduate work, I have attended trainings from and was certified by the International OCD Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital as well as Postpartum Support International.