Stephen Pravel PhD

1935 Southfield Rd.
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
Narrative of Services:

CBT helps identify, challenge, and modify irrational beliefs that create anxiety. Insight therapy identifies past events that contribute to anxiety – critical to successful resolution of anxiety and clarification as to the origin of anxiety. ERP helps people learn how to resist surrendering to their fears and fear driven behavior.

I have developed a brain retraining method: “The 1-2-3 Method” with great success in slowing the hyperactive subcortical brain activity responsible for intrusive, incessant obsessions and compulsions of anxiety and OCD: Labeling, Devaluing, and Refocusing. This is detailed on my website.

Training Description:

I have been specializing in treating anxiety disorders and OCD for over 20 years in adults and adolescents with individual and/or family/couple sessions. Because I specialize in anxiety disorders, clients frequently report much better progress than they have experienced with prior therapists who didn’t specialize in anxiety but treated anxiety in a generalized manner along with many other issues. I specialize in use of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Insight Therapy and Exposure/Response Prevention (ERP). I have an audio program “Anxiety to Serenity” available on my website – either 4 CD’s or as a download.