Jennifer R. Roselius LPC

2423 Earl Rudder Fwy
Suite 300
College Station, Texas 77845
ADA Accessible
Phone: 979-476-8129
Narrative of Services:

I am a sole proprietor in private practice that focuses primarily on treating eating disorders, anxiety, and OCD. I am a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist (CEDS) through iaedp, and the majority of my caseload (~75%) is made up of eating disorder clients. Roughly 20% of my caseload is made up of OCD clients, with a small number of clients meeting criteria for both OCD and EDs. Most of these clients also experience co-morbid GAD, and a smaller number also have MDD. I have treated trichotillomania (2 clients) and BDD (two clients) in the past.

Training Description:

I began treating OCD as a practicum student in 2016. My first training (2020) was provided through Simple Practice on diagnosing and treating “Pure O”. In January of 2021, I attended a 4 day intensive training through CBI on using ERP for OCD and I signed up be on the waiting list for BTTI training.

Diversity Statement:

I work with a high proportion of individuals with a Christian faith background, and the primary OCD presentation I have treated is moral/religious scrupulosity. I do integrate faith into my therapeutic modality when desired by my clients.

In addition to my undergraduate course in Multicultural Competency, many of the trainings I have done in pursuit of my certification as an eating disorders specialist included special emphasis on diverse populations within eating disorders, weight bias/stigma, and ethical considerations in the treatment of EDs within POC populations.