Kelsey Seifert, MA, LPC-S, LMFT, NCC

4701 Preston Rd
Pasadena, Texas 77505

Narrative of Services:

I specialize in anxiety disorders, so the majority of my clients (over 70%) struggle with anxiety, panic, phobias, perfectionism and obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors. I also have specialized training to work with pre/post natal issues, especially anxiety and OCD in the perinatal period.

My first specialization was in trauma. I continue my education and work in this area as well. I provide two neurologically based therapies for trauma, EMDR and OEI as well as CBT. These are helpful in decreasing and resolving the effects of traumatic experiences.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I take a structured and practical approach (CBT, ERP and ACT) to anxiety, especially panic, phobias, and obsessive compulsive struggles. Instead of just talking about fears and avoidance, I work with my clients to face and conquer the anxieties and phobias that restrict their lives. I help my clients identify behaviors and dynamics that have prevented them from being successful in overcoming their anxiety/OCD in the past and work towards resolutions.

My degree in religious studies and personal faith base also equips me uniquely to work with scrupulosity related issues.