Vanessa Sloat, PhD

612 Main Street
Melrose, Massachusetts 02176

Narrative of Services:

In my practice the majority of my clients present with OCD, Social Anxiety, GAD, Emetophobia, and other anxiety related disorders. Currently, my practice consist of 40% OCD and OC related disorders, among adults and teenagers. I incorporate ERP into treatment with most of my clients. I am also a New England Center for OCD and Anxiety (NECOA) provider.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: No

Training Description:

I completed my graduate training at Binghamton University, gaining a strong foundation in evidence-based practices. This training was CBT focused with an emphasis on exposure therapies. I continue to use evidence-based practices, including ACT, CBT, and ERP. As part of my continued OCD training I have attended a workshop on ACT and ERP for OCD in children and adolescence provided by a psychologist at the McLean OCD Institute for Children and Adolescents. I have engaged in ongoing consultation with this same psychologist.