Iva Svancarova LMHC, LPC

ADA Accessible
Phone: 646-535-3595
Narrative of Services:

In my private practice I specialize in treating OCD and trauma/PTSD, I offer individual , family and group therapies. My approach is utilizing ERP, DBT and mind and body modalities. Most of my clients in my practice are suffering with OCD or trauma or report both OC behavior and traumatic experiences.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Treating Trauma, Grief and PTSD, using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and mind body modalities.

Training Description:

Received a year long training in treating OCD/ERP and anxiety disorders at The Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, New York, under direct supervision of the clinical director. Treating clients with OCD for the past 5 years. I also lead ongoing groups for OCD clients and groups for the loved ones seeking psychoeducation about OCD.

Treatment Groups:

This online OCD group is open to clients suffering with OCD, OCPD, and Clinical Perfectionism. Clients must be NY and NJ residents, 18 and up, meeting every other Tuesdays 5:30pm to 6:45pm and will offer support, ERP and DBT therapeutic tools. ERP skills will include psychoeducation about OCD and ERP, building hierarchy, meta OCD, two tail spike, exposures to name few. DBT skills will include emotion regulation techniques, distress tolerance, mindfulness skills, acceptance approach and others. Themes will cover harm OCD, relationship OCD, contamination OCD, Pure O, scrupulosity and other themes. Group typically consists of 6-10 members, the group is ongoing and open to new clients if space allows. Therapist will conduct screening if group is a good fit for a client. Consent forms will be signed prior to start with at least 80 % attendance commitment. Cost is $45 per session.