Kendra J. Watkins MS, NCC, LPC

5900 Balcones Drive
Ste 100
Austin, Texas 78731
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Kendra specializes in treating OCD and related disorders and 98% of her caseload is individuals with OCD and/or co-occurring related disorders. Kendra enjoys working with individuals of all ages who are motivated to actively participate in treatment with CBT and ERP. Kendra has completed training on how to modify ERP for Autistic individuals and especially enjoys working with neurodivergent individuals who are also struggling with OCD. All sessions are currently Telehealth.

Training Description:

Kendra completed the BTTI in May 2023 and the follow-up consultation sessions in August 2023. She has also completed extensive training on OCD and related disorders through Sheppard Pratt, the IOCDF, and with other clinical training providers. Kendra also engages in ongoing case consultation with other clinicians and treatment providers to keep her skills sharp and to continue to learn and grow in the area of treating OCD and related disorders. Kendra has been treating OCD as a speciality for four years.