Heidi Wood LCSW

Social Worker
834 Inman Village Parkway
Suite 220
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
ADA Accessible
Phone: 404-333-8540
Narrative of Services:

More than 50% my current clients are in treatment for OCD. I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy with exposure and response prevention (CBT/ERP), ACT and mindfulness.

I bring empathy, education, and experience to my work. I also bring my belief in self-determination to help clients understand their inherent worth and the power they have to heal themselves.

I currently work with adults 21+ and I am only seeing clients through telehealth at this time.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I also have advanced training in treating grief/loss, general anxiety and depression.

Training Description:

I earned my Masters Degree from Smith College School for Social Work. I’ve been a therapist for 18 years and I currently work at Atlanta CBT, a practice focused on utilizing evidence-based treatments to help those suffering with anxiety, OCD and related disorders. I have completed advanced level Exposure and Response Prevention training for the treatment of OCD, I participate in a professional OCD consultation group, and I regularly consult with my practice manager.

Diversity Statement:

I’ve dedicated over fifteen years to learning about racism through professional coursework, reading, relationships, and personal practice. I have experience working with white people to help them examine their conditioning and take meaningful action to disrupt injustice.

Research shows that OCD is disproportionally misdiagnosed in Black people, and I am committed to helping those individuals obtain an accurate diagnosis and find the correct treatment. In practice, I help both white and Black people explore and understand the interaction between OCD and racism, and accompany them on their journey towards making choices based on values and justice rather than on fear.