Maha Zayed PhD


Director and Co-owner of The OCD & Anxiety Center

2805 Butterfield Road suite 120
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523
Phone: 630-522-3124
Narrative of Services:

Dr. Maha Zayed is the director/owner and clinical psychologist at The OCD & Anxiety Center. She specializes in CBT for anxiety, trauma, OCD, and OCD spectrum disorders. She specializes in many CBT interventions including exposure with response prevention, habit reversal, mindfulness, and cognitive therapy. Treatment is individualized and may include home visits or exposure appointments out of the office, more than once weekly appointments and family member participation.

Training Description:

Dr. Maha Zayed received her PhD from Northern Illinois University in 2008 and completed her internship and post doctoral training at Dartmouth Medical Center and the National Center for PTSD. She has completed both adult and pediatric IOCDF-sponsored Behavior Therapy Training Institutes and has been treating OCD and OCD spectrum disorders for the past 9 years.