2003 OCF Grant

T-cell characterization after Streptococcal M-protein inoculation and superantigen administration: A role for superantigens in neuropsychiatric disorders

Kyle A. Williams, Suck Won Kim, MD, Patrick M. Schlievert, PhD, & Jon E. Grant, JD, MD

University of Minnesota Medical School (Minneapolis, MN); Brown University (Providence, RI)

Award Amount: $30,000

One angle of research into PANDAS/PANS looked at Group A Streptococcus — the bacteria responsible for strep throat infections that cause neuroinflammation and the development of OCD symptoms in some children.

This study by Kyle Williams and Drs. Kim, Schlievert, and Grant aimed to isolate antigen genes from the M18 strain of Group A Streptococcus to immunize mice against it, with the hopes of understanding how much streptococcal protein is needed to immunize the mice and to explore how immune responses relate to PANDAS/PANS.